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HMS Fearless

One of the four initial models of Kretor-clas Scouts built by Abwehran Imperial Yards in AF 259, the HMS Fearless is registered as a scout vessel of the Ersteflotte.

Fearless in Roleplay

The Fearless plot ship was a combination of action/adventure with pauses in the fighting for character development purposes. Interaction was normally via single posts (SP), with occasional weekly joint post (JP). I would also recommend all participants to make wiki entries for their characters. It's an easy way to keep your character up-to-date and much more available to refer to when needed. As this is a small faction, we would invite all senior roleplayers to join. But new fresh faces are welcome too.

This is the first plot ship of Matthew. This is also the first plot ship of Nevaron.

Fearless' History

One of four Kretor prototypes built in AF 259 (YE 29), the HMS Fearless was placed in one of the large bays of Weltraumflotte HQ as training for a crew began. Its intended launch is the first month of the fourth quarter during AF 259 (YE 30) and will be on a mission of exploration and diplomacy.

The HMS Fearless arrived in the Neue Jaspis System in AF 259. Whereupon landing a small investigative team was sent down upon the surface.

Crew of the HMS Fearless

https://Note:https:// Characters marked with 'N' at the end are NPCs and will be replaced with player characters when appropriate.


Warrant Officers

  • Stabsfeldwebel Sascha Feierabend - Chief Engineer (N)
  • Oberstabsfeldwebel Griselda Hellmannsohn - Doctor (N)


  • Hauptbootsmann Agnes Eisenhauer - Helmsman (N)
  • Bootsmann Friedrich Kappel - Tactical Operator (N)
  • Bootsmann Adelaide Biermann - Caretaker (N)
  • Maat Drachenbaum Hufschmied - Armorer (NPC and inactive until I get a PM)
  • Unteragens Evangeline Gorkavitch - Intelligence Specialist (NPC and inactive until I get a PM)


Fire Team One

  • Leutnant Adalwolfa Hammerlin - Squad/Team One Leader (N)
  • Stabsbootsmann Agid Herrmann - Heavy Weapons Specialist (N)
  • Oberbootsmann Diethelm Lehrer - Combat Engineer (N)
  • Maat Lorelei Fuchs - Rifleman (N)

Fire Team Two

  • Stabsfeldwebel Günther Weiss - Team Two Leader (N)
  • Oberbootsmann Erhard Rothschild - Corpsman (N)
  • Obermaat Koenig Eissen - Sniper
  • Maat Nevaraon Darkmidnight - Rifleman

Fire Team Three

  • Hauptbootsmann Rebekka von Kaufmann - Team Three Leader (N)
  • Maat Akada Ayonmit- Rifleman
  • Bootsmann Jolenta Junker - Heavy Weapons Specialist (N)
  • Maat Fester Schultheiss - Rifleman (N)

Former/Deceased Crewmembers

  • N/A

Ship Manifest


Cargo Storage

  • Large Water Tank
  • Parts (ship, armor, and weaponry)
  • Various Food Stuff

Crew Quarters

(Bunks listed by the Barracks Type, the side of the Barracks, Level, and number (ie. EP11 (Enlisted, Port side, 1st level, 1st bunk))

Captain's Suite

Officer's Barracks

  • OP11: Oberstabsfeldwebel Griselda Hellmannsohn
  • OP12:
  • OP21: Stabsfeldwebel Günther Weiss
  • OP22:
  • OS11: Leutnant Adalwolfa Hammerlin
  • OS12:
  • OS21: Stabsfeldwebel Sascha Feierabend
  • OS22:

Marine/Enlisted Barracks

  • EP12: Bootsmann Jolenta Junker
  • EP13: Hauptbootsmann Agnes Eisenhauer
  • EP14: Maat Lorelei Fuchs
  • EP21: Obermaat Koenig Eissen
  • EP22: Unteragens Evangeline Gorkavitch
  • EP23: Hauptbootsmann Rebekka von Kaufmann
  • EP24: Oberbootsmann Erhard Rothschild
  • ES11: Bootsmann Friedrich Kappel
  • ES12: Oberbootsmann Diethelm Lehrer
  • ES14:
  • ES21: Maat Akada Ayonmit
  • ES22: Maat Fester Schultheiss
  • ES23: Bootsmann Adelaide Biermann
  • ES24: Stabsbootsmann Agid Herrmann

Hanger Bay

Instant Messenger Contacts for Crew

Player Screen Name Character Name YIM
Abwehran Commander lionheart86va
Evangeline Evangeline Gorkavitch chemical_girl2010
Keiretsu Drachenbaum Hufschmied skullman_unlimited8888
nevaraon Nevaraon Darkmidnight Erna Löwenherzt [email protected]
Koenig808 Koenig Eissen usmchereicome
Beta112 Akada Ayonmit Must_nuke_commies

Positions Wanted

https://Until these positions are filled, they will be done via NPC.https: ==== Bridge Crew ==== * 1 Helmsman * 1 Tactical Operator ==== Engineering ==== * 1 Engineer * 1 Machinist * 1 Mechanic * 1-2 Technicians ==== Medical/Science ==== * 1 Doctor * 1-2 Medical Technicians * 1 Scientist ==== Support ==== * 1 Caretaker ==== Marines ==== * 1 Squad Leader * 2 Fire Team Leaders * 7 Marines of Various Occupations ===== Miscellaneous Links ===== * HMS Fearless Forum

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