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HMS Nemesis

Her Majesty's sixth rate ship Nemesis is a Lively class warship belonging to the Royal Navy of the Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu. Originally commissioned in the year 1693 (YE -72), Nemesis has served in defense of the Dominion for many long years, in times of peace and in times of war, all throughout garnering a reputation as a crack ship and infamy.

Nemesis' name is known far and wide as the most successful pirate hunting frigate in the last three hundred years. Nemesis was the ship to fire the first shots in anger in the civil war in 1754. Nemesis fought in many of the bloodiest naval battles in that great conflict. Battered and battle scarred, Nemesis was retired from front line duty at the end of the conflict . . .

. . . Now, over forty years have passed since the end of the dreadful civil war. Forty three years of uneasy and tense peace within the Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu. Forty three short years where the Ersetu people, isolated from the galaxy for over a thousand years, have striven to hold together the fragile peace that has been but a holding of the breath as all wait for the next shoe to drop.

The Royal Navy of Ersetu has recommissioned one of the greatest warships of the civil war. The Frigate HMS Nemesis, veteran of many battles, renown for actions in war, and against the ever present pirate threat. A ship with a history as infamous as it is glorious. The ship that fired the first shots of aggression in a civil war that spread like fire across the Dominion and cemented the bloody war that consumed the Ersetu people for nearly a decade.

With the changes coming to the Dominion in the short time since the coming of peace, the Royal Navy has seen fit to bolster it's forces and bring this infamous ship back into service once more.

Brave souls, officers, sailors, soldiers, are needed to crew her in her mission of defense of Queen and Country.

Plot Details

HMS Nemesis 6-3046
Age Requirement: 16
Game Manager Gunsight1
Format: Single Post/Joint Post
Pacing: At Least ONCE Per Week


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