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Interregnum is a plot to be run by GM Acewing13 and edto_xar_sivaree. The short concept is “IPG Commando troubleshooters.”

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Details and Overview

Age Requirement: 17+
Format: SP, JPs on the side
Pacing: Weekly posts at a minimum
Rating: 3, 2, 3
Sub-forum Link: Sub-forum

Things were'nt stable in the Imperium. Between DATASS falling apart and Sky Marshal Sanders' coup, the cracks of unrest are clear to see. The Imperium's enemies look on in glee, waiting to pick up the pieces of the flailing nation. Can this be fixed? Can the Imperium return its golden years? Only with the help of the IPG's Omniscience Division. And one of the officers they picked to keep Nepleslia and her colonies safe is Joshua Bates, a Captain that has been part of the Intelligence and Pacification Group since its founding.

In preparation for his new assignment and given all the leeway he needs, Captain Bates has recruited a team of Commandos to go wherever he thinks the Imperium needs help. But first, he needs to make sure the new team is up to the task and their name, Bates' Reprobates. Their motto? Make love and war.

Trouble started though. The crew was rent in two when the IPG made a sudden order to execute three members of the ship: Cleo_OConner, Daran_Ist_Laderen, and Thame Sra'Kiraten. The crew, split by the decision, underwent a massive mutiny that ended in most of the crew dead, and the survivors on the run. With bounties on their heads, the remaining crew of the Interregnum is on the run for any place that will give them refuge. Through a few clues, they heard and met with a group that was founding their own nation, asteria.


A special forces/intelligence agent plot based around a group of ex-IPG Commandos as they help establish the new nation of asteria, taking the jobs that their Machiavellian boss gives them as they try to earn enough money to get out from under her. Players will be given the opportunity to take a significant role in Asteria's founding and stabilizing a shaky foundation for moral and monetary benefit.

Current mission plan is as follows:

Mission 4: Hired by Chloe to guard a crime boss meeting on Asura III.

Additional Information

Have you ever wanted to be the MIB? The secret police? Any and all of those comic book anti-hero stereotypes? Well, your in luck, because this is the plot just for you. The setting is asteria, in the Free Company (TBD), as we go about supporting our new masters as a new nation is born, and working to get a better ship, since we blew up the last one.

So, besides the setting, what else does this plot bring to the table? Well, a problem that I've seen come up in play and be expressed by other people is that having a character focused either on ship stuff like a starship operator or focused on ground-based combat like a Marine makes for boring play when the plot is focused on an area that doesn't include there specialty. I was interested in Fred's attempt at the problem by letting players make side characters to play while their main characters are left twiddling their thumbs. What I would like to do is build this directly into the plot, with players controlling two characters, a member of the Commando team and one of the starship's crew.

This would make for a couple of things:

  • More engagement with the plot, as there is twice as much possible RPing and no downtime for any player.
  • Less set up time for the GM 🙂 But more time spent on the SP's, as I'll be replying to each character's actions.
  • More possibilities for side JPs, since there would be more characters.
  • Mainly Single Posting (SP) with side joint postings being encouraged.
  • Weekly posting at a minimum, faster if everyone has posted to the GM post and I'm not busy. If a player has not posted for a week, they'll be contacted and the plot will go on without them for that week. After two weeks, the character will be considered Red shirt/NPC material. Good thing people can come back from the dead in this setting.

However, I understand that we all have limited time, so I'm willing to let people in who only want to have one character in the plot. Just know going in that there might be situations that you will be twiddling your thumbs. I'll try to avoid it, but I can't promise anything.



Hit ‘em Right Between the Eyes

With a crew set and ready to go, the NSS Interregnum is given it's first task. A Pirate Destroyer had been harassing trade routes, causing general havoc for merchants and the Nepleslian Star Army. The crew had to find the ship, capture the crew and the ship, and return it to the Nepleslian Star Army.

This, did not happen. After a successful breach of the enemy ship by means of Power Armoured soldiers, they faced a startling amount of controlled, prepared resistance. Further more, on the Interregnum, Lieutenant Hunter had been providing the Interregnums location to the pirates, while failing to warn the Captain of approaching enemies, allowing the Interregnum to be boarded.

Several crew members died on both the away team and the ship crew, several also died, but they pulled through. They failed to capture crew members of the Atlas, and killed the boarders, but were able to apprehend Lieutenant Hunter and turn him over for further questioning.

Thread Here

Beauty in the Bleeding

NSS Interregnum's crew mutinied after a number of crew members were ordered to be executed, including the Captain's fiancee. The mutineers escaped Nepleslian space and ran to the nearby Dawn Station.

Thread Here

The Scythe that Licks its Wounds


Prequel Asides
Post-Mission 1 Asides
Post-Mission 2 Asides
18+ Asides

Bate's Reprobates/Crew Members

Character Player Notes Rank
Joshua Bates Acewing13 Ship Captain Captain (Naval)
Chief Engineer
Cleo O'Conner edto_xar_sivaree Chef/CMO Captain's Wife
Ava Riggs Noodles Chief Security Officer Lieutenant
daran_ist_laderen edto_xar_sivaree Chief Commando Captain (Ground)
Thame Sra'Kiraten Acewing13 Commando Kyga
Donnelly McGregor CadetNewb Commando Private
Alex Yoshinaga Taishou89 Commando Private

Open Positions

  • Commandos! The more the merrier.
  • Chief Engineer!
  • All the other starship crew that I'm forgetting.

Active Players

Inactive Players

About The GM

Acewing13 joined the site in September 2015.

Previous Experience

I've been on the forum for more than a year now, so I know the site fairly well. I'm also readily available online, thanks to flexible work hours and working at home. And I've put stuff through the setting submission, so I know how the wiki works


Acewing13 is in the EST timezone and is available: Any time between 5pm-2AM Sunday-Monday, 11AM-2AM Tuesday-Saturday.


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