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ISC Chimera

Is an independent plot ship centered around the ISC Chimera. The Chimera and crew start out as privateers for the highest bidder. The plot is intended to focus on intrigue, commentary on in game politics and occurrences as well as indulging on the seedier side of Star Army's in game world.


As a crew of freelancers, the Chimera forges its own path through the often stringent and sided universe. Indulging in trade, freight, and occasional piracy (when that doesn't go horribly wrong) Captain Ramierez does what he likes.

The plot is in JP format done on an Etherpad and occasionally meets whenever all the players of the crew happen to be online on IRC. Currently it is based on the Open Roleplay forum, as such characters don't necessarily require a character biography or approval, but are recommended.

The plot started with Ira as Gm, however due to RL issues Jimmy has taken over on a semi-permanent basis.


Position Name Player Status
Captain Ramirez, Ira Ira NPC
First Mate Ektor Jimmy GMPC
Mechanic Vilivi Riko Active
Pilot Luxe Izokia Active
Muscle Ver'rada Sham Active
Cook Lena โ€œcutsโ€ Barlow Homeside 6 Active
Goon Kenneth Vigilance Inactive

Note: Inactive characters abandoned by their players without notice may be NPC'd when convenient or arbitrarily killed if otherwise. You have been warned.

Positions needed

Can't think of any right now. Contact Jimmy if you're interested.

Brief History of Events

The Ship

The ISC Chimera is a NMX "Pillager" Light Cruiser class ship secretly purchased from a salvage hangar aboard the Leo Star Fortress from Morioka Naoko by Ramierez to serve as a clandestine privateer vessel. Of course, most of the living quarters and operators stations have had to be stripped and replaced with human compatible versions. No mishhuvurthyar nests in this ship!


Status: GREEN

All is well. Most of the lights are green, the rest don't seem to be flashing red too angrily.

After an extensive overhaul at Leo Station the following is still malfunction or broken:

  • Doors to the brig
  • Some other doors
  • Ramierez's personal coffee dispenser on the command deck
  • The console light above the helm (torch provided just in case)
  • Most of the lights on the engineers console refuse to turn green (even after repeatedly banging it)
  • One of the showers connects to a lubricant line by accident
  • Unidentifiable brown substance on the floor of some of the brig cells
  • Possible Parasite corpse left in the Medical Bay
  • Organic matter still prevalent in the wing corridors (we haven't found anyone with enough crazy to scrap that stuff out yet)

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