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ISC Enkidu

ISC Enkidu was a heavily modified Courier 2A bought by Myr Barlowe in YE 31.


Member Position Player
Myr Barlowe Captain PlaidMage
Anya Floating Debris Matthew
Shiori Ozawa Techie/Saboteur Kel
Helen Bostiwitz Stranded Pirate Captive Scot
Louis "Red Thunder" MacEmbrey (Nekki Basara, he is not) Muscle/Musician TeslaTornado
Algol Marida Bandit Prince Exhack

Former Crew

Member Position Player
Tuija Seppanen (Tech Priestess) Engineer Lin
Gearhead Specs Thirteen 13-3685-7746 Bridge Op/Tech/Cook Kyoki
Chrysanthe Chronis Muscle/Backup Cook ShotJon
Dante Martellus Vickensmall Tiny, Tiny Pilot Bilgecrank
Izual Katos Not Shepherd Book Orion
Harada Eika Neko Medic Doshii Jun

Plot Information

ISC Enkidu was an independent salvage/piracy plot run by PlaidMage. Plot movement wasn't particularly fast, and posts are usually expected at least once per four days. Retribution for lax posting will be doled out on an individual basis, but please notify someone if you won't be able to play for an extended period of time.

Interested in Joining?

If you'd like to join the plot, we've still got space left. Send a PM to PlaidMage on the forums or contact her on AIM at BolshevikMuppet. We're looking for anything you care to make (except technicians; goodness, we've already got four), just make sure it's interesting! We accept any and all races, but it might take a bit for your character to be picked up, depending on where the ship is located at the time you apply.


ISC Enkidu is a brand new ship built in YE 31 by Origin Industries. After purchase, it was heavily modified for piracy and salvage work by its owner, who obtained it through possibly illegal means. Currently it is docked in Funky City awaiting its full crew complement before takeoff.


Enkidu is a heavily modified freighter. It includes the following upgrades:


  • Primary: Dual Mode Cannons: The DM cannons are custom built weapons made to help the ship slip under the radar in terms of armament. Normally, the DM cannons act as illegal Aether Beam cannons (Tiers 13 through 15, Light Anti-Capital Ship through Heavy Anti-Capital Ship (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)), but, when needed, appear as, and function as, perfectly capable and legal Positron cannons (Tier 12, Heavy Anti-Starship).
  • Secondary: Enkidu ditches the standard dual Point defense weapons for the more powerful and useful Heavy Laser Turret, which it carries four of.


Enkidu has two large grabber arms to manipulate salvage. They are capable of extending up to 200 meters away from the centerpoint of the ship, and move in roughly 180 degree arcs to either side of the ship. They are capable of bending, and can deposit salvage directly into the ship's cargo bay. The arms are capped with three fingers that can apply a variety of different pressures, from crushing a cargo container to retrieving a body without harming it, though they are not capable of any fine movements. If needed, the arms are also capable of towing other spacecraft, though of course Enkidu's engines limit the size and weight of the object to be towed.


Enkidu has modified engines which increase its top speed and acceleration. These engines come with larger power generators, helping to keep the ship from being power-thirsty.

  • Speed(STL): .30c



(These items were in the cargo bay when Enkidu was purchased.)

  • 500 lb beef (assorted cuts)
  • 500 lb chicken (whole)
  • 500 lb pork/ham (assorted cuts)
  • 500 lb fish (assorted types)
  • 1 ton breads (assorted types)
  • 500 gallons of water
  • 200 gallons of milk
  • 200 gallons of Soda-water
  • 50 jugs of soda-syrup (assorted)
  • 1 ton green vegetables
  • 250 lbs coffee beans


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