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ISC Lindorm

ISC Lindorm was a roleplaying plot created October 21, 2017 by GM Kim. The story follows the Operatives assigned to Operation Radiant Serpent. The players are presented with puzzles and challenges that they will have to tackle with creative thinking as they navigate their characters through an unknown culture and attempt to maintain their cover of a cargo transport company. Will the characters maintain their cover? Will the characters go too deep into cover? There is the potential for stealth raids, firefights, romance and assassinations. The players will set the tone for what the mission is able to accomplish based on what they decide to do once they set foot on Leningrad.

Status: This plot is closed.

Plot Overview

The ISC Lindorm is the Star Army Intelligence mission, “Radiant Serpent” led by Shosa Kitsune Hachimitsu to investigate emergent threats. The crew are all Star Army of Yamatai Operatives recruited to the mission by Hachimitsu and they assume false identities and modified appearances to go into deep cover to gather any and all information that they can.

Lindorm Operatives send reports on their respective assignment area once every 2 weeks while the Captain sends mission status reports weekly utilizing a pre-established rotating cipher and the highest levels of message encryption. They are expected to establish contacts and side jobs on Leningrad (Helka-Alpha II) to gather the information they need.

Their cover story is that the ISC Lindorm is a civilian Courier 2A medium-sized cargo ship designed by Origin Industries. It is owned by the Geshrin, Honey Glas.

Mission Objectives

  • Establish attitude of faction towards Yamatai Star Empire
  • Establish technological capabilities
  • Establish military operational tactics, standards, practices and capabilities
  • Identify resources
  • Identify factional ties
  • Identify dissent within faction that could be used in favor of Yamatai Star Empire
  • Identify VIP and persons of interest
  • Identify centers of gravity- areas of importance and vulnerability that could be key targets for destruction in a conflict
  • Identify infrastructure
  • Establish military pattern of life
  • Identify strength of forces

Rules and Pacing

To open up the variety and content of the possible scenarios, the Lindorm has the highest rating for language, violence and sexual content. This is an 18 + plot. No player will be forced to roleplay in a scene where they do not feel comfortable. They are advised to let Kim know if something is starting to get too much. Writing erotic scenes is not required! Not every operative is a Don Juan, perhaps, yours is more the roguish type.

  1. All members of the plot are expected to post as often as the plot permits.
  2. Please post within a week of a GM post.
  3. If you will be absent or cannot post as often as required, post notice in the OOC thread. Common courtesy goes a long way!
  4. Please write in past tense, third person.
  5. Players are expected to send out IC mission reports and decipher IC orders utilizing the established cipher and codebook. (Once every 3 months)
  6. Communication is everything. Players are encouraged to brainstorm and discuss IC actions with each other!

Plot Rating : 3 - 3 - 3

How to Play a Spy

  • You don't have be a playboy/play girl to get information. It is a viable method of getting information over time but just being a good listener and asking people questions can get you the same results. Have you ever tried to not tell your aunts or grandma something or that overly friendly neighbor?
  • Talk to people. If you want to know something beyond what you can find on an advertisement, talking to the people that work in an organization or living in a place is the best way to find out how things really are.
  • Ask questions. You won't know unless you ask.
  • Go for the obvious sources first. Library, news, social media, the internet.
  • Don't claim to be able do something that you can't do. Sometimes, you can get more information out of someone by playing dumb rather than being the expert.
  • Be patient. Gathering usable information can take time.
  • Stay in character. You don't want to draw unwanted attention and you want to blend in. There could be other spies looking to identify you.


Characters and Players

Open Positions

  • “Cook”
  • “Security”
  • “Science”

This starship prefers Star Army Intelligence Operative. Non-SAINT personnel will be tested and evaluated for suitability before being sent through the SAINT Training Activity and Indoctrination process to be read into the Radiant Serpent mission. Each operative will be assigned a mission area to report on and will need to gather information from their own contacts and their fellow crew to compile the information. All crew will be skilled in all aspects of making sure the ISC Lindorm stays functional and will be able to utilize all specialized equipment on board.

This is a clandestine forward deployed intelligence gathering mission that requires players to think outside the box to gather information from human and other sources about another faction. All cover stories will include a plausible reason as to why the crew member is on the Lindorm moving cargo. Assignment to the cover positions will be reflected in their cover story. Every operative will have a human appearance and the ability to produce human blood samples.


YE 39 : Star Army Intelligence Operative Shosa Kitsune Hachimitsu saw the potential threat of a new nation of humans rising from beneath the Chen Nebula and drafted a mission plan for Operation Radiant Serpent to investigate the emergent threats. Once she was given authorization, she began to search through Star Army of Yamatai personnel databases and alternative means in other databases and agencies to found potential candidates for the mission.

Shosa Kitsune was pleased by her candidate pool and began her recruitment trials to test her candidates suitability to perform under duress with numerous unknown variables. The candidates that successfully completed the tests were allowed to progress to Star Army of Yamatai basic training if they were civilians and then SAINT training for further suitability which was followed by SAINT Operative training….

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