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ISC Osiris

Following an ambush during a shakedown run, the Osiris was forced to dock at Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia for extensive repairs, flown there by the autopilot as several escape craft had been launched. Terry Gillian, the ship's captain, had managed to blunder aboard the YSS Sakura (due to an inoperative internal sensor system on Gemini Star Fortress), earning a free ride to the planet while the rest of the survivors made their way to Valaad (An Rhy), their chosen rendezvous point in the event of such an occurrence.

Following confirmation that repairs to the Osiris had been under way since prior to his brief encounter with the Sakura, Terry sliced into the intergalactic communications network and posted several bulletins, searching for a replacement pilot and gunner. The call was answered, and he eventually accepted Kirio Kazemaru and Louis 'Lucien' McGarland as the newest members of the Osiris crew.

He took them into Nepleslian orbit for a practice run but the ship was again ambushed by a sneak missile attack. Terry ordered a pair of salvoes directed at the origin point, and then entered lightspeed before confirming any damage or destruction.

The Osiris has since docked on Valaad, and is now simply waiting for the rest of the crew to show up. Again the ship finds itself grounded, but this time by a dust storm covering the starport. In the meantime Terry has met the rest of his crew at the spacers' lounge โ€œInferno Wind.โ€ One such crewmember is known simply as Emily, counteroperations specialist, who after a brief encounter with a local joined Terry at the captain's table.

While Terry and company were finalizing deals to get some cargo to deliver around the Empire, Randy attempted to break into several landing pads to no avail. Following the failure and an exchange with a junior technician covering the Dock Supervisor's temporary absence, he retreated to his own vessel in hopes of leaving the planet before Security stopped him.

While the storm still rages, Terry sent Kirio and Emily back to the cruiser to prepare him for cargo; Lucien went with Marcus to the warehouse where the shipment was being kept to make sure nothing was missing. As the storm subsided life started to resume, only the clear skies revealed a new and dangerous threat. All ships with even a single operational cannon have been called into service in the defense of Valaad.

The defense ended in failure, Valaad was captured and its civilian and military presence all but annihilated. Ships laden with refugees fled in every direction, but still thousands were caught on the surface to fall prey to the enemy forcesโ€“or attempt to fight back with guerrilla warfare. At least one city was destroyed, and the Osiris traded blows with the enemy fleet, incurring heavy damage.

It jumped away from the planet, but was forced to revert to sublight after the crew realized that staying in FTL would have lethally irradiated them. They have now been forcibly berthed by a mysterious ship. What happens from here is anyone's guess.

A small boarding party led by Terry has entered the ship, while ANUBIS attempts to interface with the derelict's networks. They found signs of a battle, but no clue as to whether it occurred recently or decades ago.

Crew Manifest

Captain: Terry Gillian

Engineer: Emily Knight (NPC)

Pilot: Kirio Kazemaru (Pending review due to inactivity)

Tactical Ops: Louis 'Lucien' McGarland

Communications: Marcus Valgren (NPC)

Medic: Eddie (dedicated android) (NPC)






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