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Crimson Kestrel

The Crimson Kestrel is an Origin Industries Courier 2A used by the crew of the ISC Phoenix, owned and captained by Luca Pavone.

About The Crimson Kestrel

The Crimson Kestrel was purchased in YE 33 from Dawn Station.

The only differences to a stock Courier 2A is the hangar that has been added to the front of the ship, replacing a third of the cargo bay with room for a Ge-L3-1A - Vampire-Class Patrol Craft, commonly referred to as the ISC Big Bird.

Deck Layout

The Deck layout is not unlike a normal Courier 2A, but the cargo bay is the only modification, doing away with the stock standard ramp giving the bottom half of the ship a distinctive 'brick' shape. The Sensor dome that usually occupies the tapered nose of a stock Courier 2A was moved to the back of the ship instead.

Any part of the Crimson Kestrel that is not written here can be assumed to be identical to its stock counterpart.

“About a third of our current cargo bay was cut down, so,” Sebastian paused for a moment to do some mathematics, “From 140 metres of space, the modifcation took 50 metres of space,” He nodded.
“Therefore, we've only got about 90 metres of cargo space - more than enough for our armoury and whatever else we need.”
“How wide and tall?” Luca inquired, thinking that the Vampire wouldn't fit.
“36 metres across, 10 metres tall,” Sebastian nodded before realising something and swallowing a lump in his throat, “Bugger me, that Vampire Class cruiser of ours is going to be a tight fit! We've only got about a metre and a half either way of margin for error if we park it sideways!”
“Don't worry, I trust John to not scratch the paint,” Luca smiled.

Sebastian's on-the-spot calculations are somewhat incorrect, since the Big Bird has three metres of space to the left and right, and plenty of room behind, allowing to fit comfortably. The cargo bay is also 20 metres tall as opposed to 10.

Cabin Rooms

The Crimson Kestrel has 8 cabins with two beds each, as the standard Origin Crew Cabins dual occupancy cabins do.

Bronzi & Sura Seiren & - Rebeka
- & - - & -
- & - Allison & Echelon
Vita Reeves & -
Laundry Laundry
Men's Head Women's Head
Captain's Suite

Non-Cabin Sleepers

These crew members do not require a cabin, do not want a cabin, or do not need to sleep.

  • John (Sleeps at the Bridge)
  • Soruk (Sleeps somewhere…)

Captain's Suite

Not unlike the normal Captain's Suite, currently occupied by Luca Pavone. Zeta Five occasionally sleeps here too. Luca keeps a lot of his exercise equipment here, including weights, a yoga mat, and a hanging punching bag.

Lounge Room

The most travelled through and used part of the ship, the Lounge Room boasts a couch that faces a large view screen. To the couch's left is the loveseat, and to the right is an armchair. In the middle of it all is a coffee table with controls for the viewscreen, lots of magazines of varied topics stored under the table, craptonnes of action movies in a disorganised drawer under the viewscreen, and a couple of games consoles and game disks on the drawer with controllers nearby.

In addition, the room has wireless access to InterNEP, SYNC and the Lazarus Public Network provided, and a surround sound audio system which can accept wireless forms of media streaming.


Located on the First deck is the Engineering room. In addition to containing EVA suits, ship repair equipment, and access to the FTL and maintenance passages, this room contains all of the tools and equipment needed to build some of the gadgetry on the Phoenix.

Some of the extra facilities, retrofitted by Allison and Echelon include a gunsmith's ammunition loading station, metal and plastic 3D printers that work on both 6D lathe and cool-extrusion principles to fabricate whatever's necessary, a series of computer terminals running various operating systems accompanied by large piles of computer hardware pieces, and a solid workbench with all the tools you could need organised neatly on the wall.

All raw materials and components gathered by the crew on missions are stored neatly on drawers of varying sizes in the walls, or racks of tightly secured ingots. There is also a large viewscreen on the back wall of engineering where Echelon broadcasts whatever she feels like broadcasting, usually fractals set to music.

Kitchen and Mess Hall

This Origin Industries Standard Kitchen and Wardroom were made to feed just about anyone, and to sit them all comfortably for a meeting. Ovens, grills, stoves, barbecues, microwaves, food blenders, food extruders, grill irons, you name it, the kitchen probably has it. For all the dishes that the crew will use, there's also a powerful, overclocked dishwasher that was jailbroken to play music to the sound of the washing dishes. Even the disposal system ensures that no food truly goes to waste as it finds what's edible and recycles it somehow. This kitchen can even keep Rebeka Renata fed.

The wardroom's long tables, comfortable seating and large number of viewscreens make it a great place to play a good game of Ogres and Oubliettes, and really set the mood for a good game. It's also a decent place to eat since the kitchen's not far away either.

There is also a curious, curious abundance of cornmeal that never seems to run out.

Notable Cargo Bay Contents

Well, aside from the Big Bird

    • Luca's Cut
      • Crate of Ammunition, 10mm KZ (Halloween, TC: 31-15, IC: 491-972-43)
      • Pneumatic Nailgun (Halloween, TC: 93-85, IC: 5637-5327-167)
      • Dead human in military uniform, 2 limbs missing or severed at waist (Halloween, TC: 77-6, IC: 442-435-74)
      • Chilled nuclear-materials container containing Hafnium (Halloween, TC: 50-41, IC: 2107-2681-85)
      • Navy carpeting from hallway (Halloween, TC: 89-11, IC: 947-772-90)
      • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian water (Halloween, TC: 57-24, IC: 1368-1641-75)
      • Damaged Hoplite (cockpit/systems intact, engine & shields & weapons dead) (Halloween, TC: 38-4, IC: 171-325-38)
      • Various Starship Diagnostic Tools (Halloween, TC: 84-84, IC: 7113-5769-158)
      • Fine silks for tailoring (Halloween, TC: 47-22, IC: 1044-1575-64)
      • Fighter engine parts (Halloween, TC: 23-2, IC: 80-197-23)
    • Vita's Cut
      • Shipment of eggs (Halloween, TC: 63-13, IC: 813-980-69)
      • Volumetric Display Emitter Parts (Halloween, TC: 9-97, IC: 930-7041-105)
      • Zen Arms 10mm Covert Ops Pistol with Silencer (Halloween, TC: 40-86, IC: 3497-6335-122)
      • Disgusting biomass (Halloween, TC: 71-2, IC: 128-205-65)
      • “Mobile Spanner” Drone (Halloween, TC: 48-54, IC: 2601-4107-97)
      • Large jug of massage oil (Halloween, TC: 36-91, IC: 3333-6973-123)
      • Acoustic Guitar with broken neck (Halloween, TC: 92-3, IC: 149-288-84)
      • Civilian explosives, for construction (Halloween, TC: 1-78, IC: 135-6141-79)
      • Huge shipment of frozen fish from Albini (Halloween, TC: 60-17, IC: 1017-1400-70)
      • Frozen food from a ship's galley (Halloween, TC: 91-40, IC: 3606-3257-121)
    • Interior door (Halloween, TC: 81-54, IC: 4350-111-126)
    • Desktop telephones (Halloween, TC: 29-90, IC: 2667-237-116)
    • Small chest of Platinum (Halloween, TC: 48-95, IC: 4617-342-138)
    • Shipment of cookies (Halloween, TC: 16-14, IC: 265-113-29)
    • Large Crate of Nepleslian “THRUST” Protein Bodybuilding Soda! (Halloween, TC: 56-64, IC: 3585-377-114)
    • New EM-J4 MARI Series Drone (S Halloween, TC: 90-13, IC: 1227-395-102)
    • Used No-K1-1a - Civilian Terrain Vehicle (S Halloween, TC: 5-95, IC: 532-2622-100)
    • New Te-G6 Tsuibo Orb (S Halloween, TC: 86-4, IC: 315-169-89)
    • A bag of caramel corn (S Halloween, TC: 3-51, IC: 207-1536-54)
    • Refurbished Novacorp Gravity Manipulation Flight Suit (S Halloween, TC: 93-69, IC: 6381-2403-161)


For all members of the ISC Phoenix, the following weapons are freely available to them, ammunition included

Primary Weapons

An Example of Luca's handiwork with the Zen Armaments 10mm Submachine Pistol.


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