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ISS-Brimstone is a proposed USO plot to be run by Game Master Jack Pine. Its concept is โ€œA small crew of smugglers and merchants go on adventures across the Kikyo sector in search of excitement and a paycheck. But a hidden mission hides below the surface as the captain has his own mission to gather data and assets on the various underground and criminal elements in their travels..โ€ It was approved by Zack/Jack Pine as of 2/19/2018.

Plot Details

Age Requirement: 18+
Format: JP/SP
Pacing: Dependant on players' schedules

About The GM

Jack Pine joined the site in .

Previous Experience

188604 plot

Lost Colony plot


Jack Pine is in the GMT timezone and is available: Varies but usually after 4pm to 12pm everyday but Tuesday and Thursday. Then I'm available all day.


The following members have expressed their intent to join the plot: None. The GM plans to use the following methods to find more players: Through interest check and asking around.


None yet ship has yet to find her crew.

Additional Information

Access to approved items of the USO, and the plot takes place on a one off approved freighter.

PositionCrew Member
CaptainKessler Ryzka
First MateFiamma Pouncer
Engineer/PilotNigrum Alis
Crew Hand/PilotAshley Granger
Rich TagalongIemochi Yakena
Cook/Big Boi Bruiser benson_silvers
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