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ISS-Brimstone is a proposed USO plot to be run by Game Master Jack Pine. Its concept is “A small crew of smugglers and merchants go on adventures across the Kikyo sector in search of excitement and a paycheck. But a hidden mission hides below the surface as the captain has his own mission to gather data and assets on the various underground and criminal elements in their travels..” It was approved by Zack/Jack Pine as of 2/19/2018.

Plot Details

Age Requirement: 18+
Format: JP/SP
Pacing: Dependant on players' schedules

About The GM

Jack Pine joined the site in .

Previous Experience

188604 plot

Lost Colony plot


Jack Pine is in the GMT timezone and is available: Varies but usually after 4pm to 12pm everyday but Tuesday and Thursday. Then I'm available all day.


The following members have expressed their intent to join the plot: None. The GM plans to use the following methods to find more players: Through interest check and asking around.


None yet ship has yet to find her crew.

Additional Information

Access to approved items of the USO, and the plot takes place on a one off approved freighter.

PositionCrew Member
CaptainKessler Ryzka
First MateFiamma Pouncer
Engineer/PilotNigrum Alis
Crew Hand/PilotAshley Granger
Ship Board SIVex
Rich TagalongIemochi Yakena
Cook/Big Boi Bruiser Benson Silvers
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