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Joint DATASS Taskforce

Joint DATASS Taskforce is a proposed Imperium of Nepleslia and Lorath Matriarchy plot to be run by GM Gunhand4171.

Joint DATASS Taskforce is a combined fleet of NSN and LSDF ships and personnel. After Yamati left DATASS, Senator Mochizuki Shiori was furious that her project with the Loraith had been tossed aside. In response, she contacted Grand Admiral Motoyoshi Saito of the 3rd Assault Fleet of the Nepleslian Star Navy. She pitched the idea to her old friend and she was intrigued. The Grand Admiral accepted and transferred several units from her fleet into the new JDT as well as provided it's leader. Now the crew of the Specter Escort Carrier the JDTS Stiletto, will attempt to build up a new DATASS force to rival anything that the other nations can throw at it, as well as build up the down trodden Jiyuuian.

It was approved by Luca and DocTome as of May 6 2016.

Plot Details

Joint DATASS Taskforce
Age Requirement: 16
Format: play by post
Pacing: once a week

About The GM

Gunhand4171 joined the site in March 2015.

Previous Experience

I am the current CO-FM Of Nepleslia, Current GM of Aquila Flight and Ragnarock. I also CO-GM 18806.


Gunhand4171 is in the Central Us timezone and is available: Am check SARP periodically throughout the day. Drop me a PM and I will get back to you.


The following members have expressed their intent to join the plot: paladinrpg, Samanthia, Acewing13

The GM plans to use the following methods to find more players: I will be posting an interest page as well as in the players wanted wiki page

Current positions

  • Tactical Officer
  • Helmsman
  • Science Officer
  • Systems Officer
  • Pilots
  • Special Operation Forces
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