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Journeymen 3

Journeymen 3

Journeymen 3 was a civilian plot composed of members of the Scientific Studies Service (SSS). It consisted of the members of the third Journeymen team. The team served aboard the YSS Tensai a Tansaku-class Science Vessel. Their mission was to support SSS teams and expeditions on the frontier of the Yamatai Star Empire.

The primary method of role-play was by the Single-post forum at the link below. Each player was expected to post at least once every three days. Joining the plot was by talking to the GM. The Journeymen 3's Game Master is Nashoba.

Characters can be newly created or if you have an existing character that you would like to bring it that can work as well.

Missions will focus on character interaction, conflict will be present in a variety of methods. It could be a problem the players need to solve in a limited amount of time, finding the source of a problem, or dealing with actual combat situations.

The Journeymen 3 plot started on 4 Apr 2012, it ended on 18 Mar 2013.


  • [Mission 1.0] Baptism of Fire and Ice the Journeymen 3 team is awoken by Sayuri and told to prepare for deployment. The members of Journeymen 3 are deployed to SX-08 to resupply the expedition, and investigate why communications have been lost.
  • The team discovered that the sun in SX-08 had entered a period of increased solar activity. This caused the planet to be subject to rapid temperature changes. The SSS encampment was heavily damaged by rocks and ice dislodged by the sudden though.
  • The team worked to first evacuate the members of the team trapped in a damaged Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module. During this effort they were attacked by some local animals that resembled bears.
  • The team after rescuing the first group of scientists became aware of another group trapped in the wreckage of an ancient alien ship. The entrance to which was now under water.



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