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Knights Of Asteria

Knights Of Asteria was a roleplaying plot created September 29, 2017 by GM Tony (Ira) and Co-GMed by Immortal cyan. It closed on February 11, 2018.

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Status: This plot is closed.

Plot Overview

Knights of Asteria will revolve around the adventures and exploits of Creature and burgeoning levy company, the Azalea Free Company. Out on the Frontier in Asteria, a new ruler has begun to build her nation. In order for something new to be made, something old must die. As people from all over space come to populate this new nation, power struggles will become common, and only the brave can help make it a place worth living in. Players will see much of Asterian space and perhaps beyond, depending upon the growth and longevity of the plot.

Rules and Pacing

  • Format (method of actually RPing)

RP will be accomplished primarily through JPs that pop up as players ask for them or when there are people on that want to rp.

  • Pacing and posting expectations (and what happens if player don't meet them)

Players are expected to be available in the JPs. JP Pacing is incredibly fast! IRL delays will be accommodated for. In the event of an expected period of player inactivity, the GM will only NPC your character if absolutely necessary for the advancement of the plot and Player's Rights will be respected. All players should also feel free to create their own side JPs. However, the main plot will be advanced through JPs run by the GM.

  • Age Requirement, RPG Rating, Sub-Forum
Knights of Asteria
Age Requirement: 18+
RPG Rating: 3, 3, 3
Sub-forum Link: Knights of Asteria

Open Positions

Message Ira.

Characters and Players

Character Player Rank Notes Timezone /Availability
creature Tony (Ira) Lord GMPC/Lazy, Undisciplined Chronic Alcoholic CST - Nights
sidurra_gallve Gunsight1 Knight General Ersetu Retired Cavalry PST - Nights
Lukina Aleksasha Kim Assisting Knight - Footwoman Tree Bomber HST - Nights
Hidetsugu Mizuki Acewing13 Sargent IPG BAMF
REIA Gwathdraug Footwoman Robo Knight 3000 ?
Thaddeaus Maximus Spaceeye Footman Wannabe Knight ?
Jenn Riggs Noodles Knight Hospitaller Physician ?
Wolf Green Ethereal N/A Nothin' but a hound dog England - Nights
Gol Shir-Del Gallant N/A Knight Inquisitor - Babysitter Varies - Nights
Dallas Mcclosky HAMnJAM N/A Knight Marshall Deputy - SPESS REDNECK ? Nights
Rorik Istavan Jack Pine Footman Heavy Infantry Team ?
Asahina Sayumi Immortal Cyan Footwoman Neko of the Seven Stars CST Nights

Non-Player Characters

Character Player Rank Notes
Kamilla Starfall Tony (Ira) Knight Errant Tree Sword
Arianne Azalea Kim Barber Surgeon HIT Medic


Valériane Immortal cyan Knight Errant Small Helashio Waitress, Deceased
Onikuma Ethereal Sergeant at Arms Big Fuzzy McMurder Bear, Deceased

Former Members

Brigid Piper ArsenicJohn Knight Hospitaller Sexy Space Doctor ?

History and Threads

Listed below in order are the over-arching plot threads. There are many more threads than what is listed below that are important to individual character development but not necessarily the advancement of the overall plot.

YE 39

Creature and an Elven warrior duel in front of a crowd.

Creature, Thaddeaus, and Mizuki confront a group of bandits on the side of a dirt road. After the engagement, Creature and Mizuki proceed to make love to each other behind a tree.

Creature engages and emerges victorious in a bar fight. An idealistic Helashio waitress, Valériane, approaches him and gives him free drinks as a reward. When the two begin conversation, Creature claims that he is a knight so that he can have sex with her. However, Valériane seeks to be trained in the martial arts by Creature and to join him on his adventures, to which Creature accepts. Immediately after the conversation, Valériane quits her job and begins her training with Creature.

A group of armed men and women approach Creature, believing him to be a knight. Valériane, still under the impression that Creature is a knight, approaches Creature, and asks if the crowd are his new bannermen. Creature affirms this, and Valériane begins to list the names of the new recruits into a database, forming a new and unofficial levy company. After sign ups are complete, an informal training session begins. Mizuki and Thaddeaus engage in a romantic duel, while Creature sets to work on organizing the logistics of the company.

While recruiting and sign-up efforts continue in the background, a large portion of the levies watch a fight between a troll and a Kodian ex-slave gladiator. The gladiator, known as Onikuma wins the fight handily. However, Valériane intervenes to stop Onikuma from killing his opponent.

At this moment, Creature approaches Onikuma and challenges him to a duel. After a few bouts of trash-talking and harassment, the fight begins. Creature emerges victorious, but Onikuma still retains his honor on account of his martial skill and valor. As the victor, Creature orders Onikuma to apologize to Valériane and to swear to his service. Onikuma relents and apologizes to Valériane, however, instead of swearing to Creature, he swears to Valériane.

Creature and Valériane make love in an isolated grove. However, they are interrupted by a Lorath messenger, who approaches them with an offer to reinforce a levy company on the order of a Viscountess. The pair accept the offer, and they begin preparations for the company to march to battle.

The first major engagement between the Azalea and the rebellion ends in a draw. The battle begun when a Nekovalkyrja messenger attempted to assassinate Sir Creature. The battle ended with heavy losses on both sides.

Valériane and Esaria Oceansong are captured in an ambush.

After returning from the rescue operation to recover Valériane and esaria_oceansong from the Black Army, creature publicly admits to the Azalea Free Company that he is not a real knight. In spite of this admission, the Viscountess offers him and his company a charter, thereby making him a real knight and legitimizing the ranks held by those in his company.

After Creature drunkenly stumbles upon Kirikuu Ranch, a small community of farmers, his lieutenants locate him. However, they also find that that the Black Army had amassed a sizable force outside of the village. During the ensuing battle, Onikuma dies when he is surrounded by twenty pikemen and Lukina survives the loss of her leg. This plot has been submitted for nomination in the 2017 simmer cup prize:

The Azalea Free Company mourns the death of Onikuma after the battle at Kirikuu Ranch. While helping Lukina recover from the loss of her leg, Creature is chartered as a federal knight, along with the knights of the Azalea. In a fit of rage, Creature charges Thaddeaus Maximus, blaming him for the death of Onikuma. However, Marshal dallas_mcclosky intervenes on behalf of Thaddaeus, and the two men (Dallas and Creature) proceed to have a shootout in the medical tent.

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