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NDS Ravenaca's Watch (Plot)

NDS Ravenaca's Watch is a roleplaying plot created December 7, 2020 by GM Whisper.

NDS Ravenaca's Watch (Plot)
Forum Link RP Interest Thread
Type Play-by-Post
Faction New Dusk Conclave
Game Master Whisper
Pacing Once per week
Number of Players -
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements Member of the New Dusk Conclave or exchange officer

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join. Click here to show interest or contact Whisper on the official Discord.

Plot Details

The NDS Ravenaca's Watch is a new NDC-centric plot ship I've got in the works. We'll be using one of the new Spectre-class cruisers tasked with exploring systems in the NDC's corner of the sector.

What to Expect High-level, I intend for the ship to kick the bee hive of a new NDC enemy every so often and deal with the fallout from that. Expect a mix of combat on the ground and in space using Frames. When the ship isn't getting into trouble, we'll be focused on exploring new worlds, meeting some new alien cultures, and generally getting to know our corner of space a little better.

I'd like for this plot to be fairly character-centric, so where I can I'd like to pick up on plot threads that let the crew shine, work through their issues, and so on. This means that in some places I might have a light touch and let players drive things for a while before moving the plot along.

If all goes well, we should have a nice mix of character building, combat, and so on. I'm thinking that this plot will be somewhat episodic in nature, with elements here and there that tie it all together.

What to Play Despite being a large ship, the Spectre's crew requirements are fairly light. If you want to play on the bridge crew, you're welcome to do so. You can also play as a Frame/fighter pilot or infantry. Some of what the ship faces will depend on the specifics of the crew and player interest.

I'm especially interested in getting more of our players into Frame combat, so I think I'd like to see a handful of Frame pilots who can also go groundside. The Ravenaca's Watch will be doing her best to stay away from combat situations, so if you want to play on the bridge you may also want to have another character who can go out on the front lines.

Engineers, scientists, etc, should likewise be prepared to hop off the ship or get into a fight from time to time. A big part of what drives a plot like this is characters leaving the ship from time to time, even if it doesn't always make tactical sense. ;) Think Star Trek.

All that said, any characters that would make sense within the NDC are welcome. If you think a character might make sense, but aren't sure - let me know and we can figure out the details.

Rules and Pacing

NDS Ravenaca's Watch is primarily a play-by-post Roleplay found on the Star Army boards. Joint Posts (โ€œJPsโ€) and/or discord RP may be used supplementally.

GM posts will be once or twice per week. Player posts should be once per week to keep up. If a character has not had a chance to respond, the GM may decide where they go or what they're doing in order to maintain continuity. Efforts will be made to avoid putting characters into undesirable situations without their player's approval.

RPG Rating

The rating on this plot is:

  • Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations.
  • Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.
  • Explicit violence is permitted.

Joint Posts and/or Discord RP may not conform to this rating, but primary plot content will.

New Automated Character List

Character PicNDC RankPageNDC Job CodeCharacter OwnerCharacter Status
arye.jpegO1 EnsignArye FirewalkerA PilotCharaaActive Player Character
O1 EnsignCassandra DemascusA PilotLeonardoActive Player Character
O2 Lieutenant 2nd ClassCeilia Dee-Cerulius (Ryzka)O OfficerJack PineActive Player Character
duncan_fletcher.jpegO4 Lieutenant commanderDuncan FletcherB Bridge SpecialistAlex HartActive Player Character
a8be7d505c464b030a3f.jpegO1 EnsignEva 751SensualCoderActive Player Character
O1 Lieutenant 2nd ClassGaleB Bridge SpecialistGleinActive Player Character
mikael_rikugun.jpgMikael HarrisDemibearActive Player Character
mizumitsu_sara.jpgO3 Lieutenant 1st ClassMizumitsu Sara (ๅ†ดๅ’ฒ)O OfficerDemibearActive Player Character
O1 EnsignV115A PilotYandereActive Player Character

Characters by Rank

Rank Pin Character Role Player Notes
O6 // Captain EVE6 Captain, Ghost Whisper GM NPC
O3 // Captain (Legion) Mizumitsu Sara (ๅ†ดๅ’ฒ) Ambassador Demibear PC
O2 // Lieutenant 2nd Class Ceilia Dee-Cerulius (Ryzka) Frame Pilot/Observer Jack Pine PC
O1 // Ensign V115 Frame Pilot, Ghost Yandere PC
O1 // Ensign Arye Firewalker Fighter Pilot, Ghost Charaa PC
O1 // Ensign Eva 751 Frame Pilot, Ghost SensualCoder PC
Chui Mikael Harris Giretsu Infantry Exchange Officer Demibear PC

Open Positions

All positions are currently open. This plot will revolve around Frame combat and ground exploration, so characters who are well-suited for both should be a great fit.



Here's some stuff that goes well with the plot:

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