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NSS Acadia

“The Sword of Nepleslia”

The NSS Acadia is a NAM NAM-S1-01a Hray Class Stealth Gunship currently in use by the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Acadia in Roleplay

The NSS Acadia is an action/adventure plotship with a strong emphasis on gritty, realistic combat, exploration and strong moral and philosophical themes. Typical encounters will include the remains of the Red fleet that escaped Kennewes, militant Freespacers and pirates fielding black market technology and most recently, Mishhus. Players can expect gritty high speed combat in the setting's trademark Power Armor, and a wide array of socially and politically dramatic events. This vessel can be considered a continuation or proxy of the original NSS Alliance plot, as many elements of the story and crew remain.

Players are advised to post at least once every five days. Unexpected absences are expected, but some warning or indication would be nice.

The NSS Acadia's primary GM is Zack. The Acadia RP forum can be read HERE. RP began on July 27, 2008.


  • Posting Cycle: OOC term for a period of RL time before the GM advances RP time. This usually only happens during scripted events or combat. A posting cycle period can range between one to three days. It is recommended for players to post at least once per Posting Cycle.
  • Round: OOC term for a unit of time in combat. OOCly a round often lasts one Posting Cycle, ICly it varies between 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Try-To Rule: OOC term only applied during combat or interactions with other PCs or GM controlled NPCs, The result of the interaction (or attack) is determined by the GM (or the player of the affected PC) in his next post.
  • Glory Shot: OOC term where the GM suspends the Try-To rule with regards to GM controlled NPCs during combat. Players may also perform this sparingly and with discretion.
  • Calling: OOC term where the GM adds previously unstated rules regarding the use of technology, usually specific weapons, as they are used ICly. This may be due to ambiguity on the part of the tech submission but may also be due to in-game balancing. If possible, the GM consults the writer of the tech before arriving to a conclusion. Calling is not retroactive, and only affects future use of the affected technology.
  • E Series: IC term denoting the (now obsolete) ELEMENTAL range of Power Armors, which includes the M1 AIR, M2 WATER, M3 FIRE and M4 EARTH. The version of the suits can be narrowed down by stating them as E1, E2 or ER Series.
  • M Series: IC term denoting the Malevolent range of Power Armors, which consist of the M8 Hostile and M9 Aggressor.
  • Shield Strength IC term regarding the current level of a shield. The amount of damage that can be absorbed per shield strength and its rate of regeneration varies from suit to suit.
  • Shield Bubble: IC term denoting the energetic structure on which shield strength is built on. The 'bubble' is destroyed when shield strength reaches zero. Shield strength cannot regenerate until the bubble is reconstructed, the time of which varies between suit to suit.
  • Bubble Merging: IC term regarding the phenomena where the Shield Bubbles of two hostile Power Armors merge during extreme close combat, robbing both suits of shield defence in regards to (often melee) attacks from the other party. This only happens when the attack suit has a higher percentage shield strength.


Mission 1

The Acadia's story began at the end of the NSS Nerkat, with the battered and bruised crew returning home after the relative failure of its first mission. While Tamara Novikov would continue to command the NSS Nerkat or move on to other employment, Esther Belmonte was promoted, and along with the marines that elected to go with her, transferred to the newly built Hray-class vessel. Not all went as planned, as old and new crewmembers alike found themselves in the middle of a raid on the starbase where the Acadia was docked by unknown rogues, who had disabled station security and deployed hundreds of Jimmy Combat Robots to take advantage of the station's Power Armor stores. While the marines eventually wiped the station clean of pirates, the objective of the attack is still unknown. While on shore leave after the mission their usual celebratory debauchery was cut short, and were ordered to return to Golding for another mission.

Mission 2

The Acadia was to persue the NSS Emden, its sister ship that was hijacked back at Golding. Captain Esther who was seriously wounded during the Golding fight was replaced by the Conservative Captain Peters. The NSS Alder had tracked the NSS Emden to the far reaches of the Nepleslian sector. In a concerted attack, the two Hrays disabled the Emden while two marine teams led by Master Chief Fian Vel Steyr and Chief Ran "Red" Rui boarded the hijacked vessel with the intent of recapturing it. During the attempt however it was discovered that the pirates were under the control of the Mishhuvurthyar, who commenced the Second Mishhuvurthyar War on Nepleslian space at the same time and same place, warping in a fleet that would dwarf the Nepleslian 1st Assault Fleet. The NSS Alder was destroyed in an attempt to buy the marines time. Disobeying an order to abort the mission (and potentially leave the wounded behind), the marines redoubled their efforts and finally gained sufficient control of the Emden for both sister ships to escape.

Mission 3

Their first prize denied, the Mishhus turned to invade Rok'Veru, one of their former colonies, in force while testing the defences in Nepleslia and Kennewes. In both an act of punishment and desperation the SMoDIN High Command denied shore leave to the Acadian marines and instead directed them to Rok'Veru to assist in the evacuation efforts…

Mission 4

During a special meeting of the senate the NMX put their plan for Nepleslia into play, blowing up the cathedral being used as the senate building and unleashing a series of terror attacks in Nepleslia’s Capital. The NSS Acadia is recalled to help get a handle on the situation. A few zombies, guerrillas, and one train wreck later the marines have put a dent in the NMX’s plans.

Mission 5

The incomplete evacuation those who didn’t want to leave Rok’Veru has resulted in the creation of an NMX prison camp filled with prisoners from that planet. The marines of the Acadia are reassigned to the 4th fleet with a mission to save those who were left behind.


Player Characters

Warrant/Joint Officers


Private First Class William Howard Harrison

Private First Class Henry Morris

  • Technical Sentry
  • Played by Luca, YIM: luca_s_pavone

Private Viktor Kingston

Private Talbain

  • Power Armor Pilot
  • Played by Demonblooded, yim: demonblooded

Private First Class Phaedra "Wolf" Volkov

Cadet Recruit (Old Nepleslian Rank) Adrian Hale

  • Starship Operator
  • Played by Rabbit

Private Makari Aeron

  • Marine/Demolitions
  • Played by Phe0n1x, YIM: phe0n1x

Private Cedric Sommerville

  • Marine/Demolitions
  • Played by Cedric

Private Naomi Scroggins

Private Chad Skwigleff

Former/Inactive Characters

Master Chief (Old Nepleslian Rank) Fian Vel Steyr

  • Marine
  • Played by: Fian, YIM: spirit_arrow

Chief (Old Nepleslian Rank) Ran "Red" Rui

  • Marine
  • Played by: Kampfer, YIM: usmchereicome

Sergeant Rico Sanroma

  • Marine
  • Played by Moon Man, YIM: big_round_glowy_thingy

Sergeant First Class Anselm Wyatt

Private First Class Sean Masson

  • Marine/Repairman
  • Played by Aendri

Private First Class Jan Kancre

Private John Nitzband

  • Marine/Technician
  • Played by cyton

Private Keladrian Santhis

  • Marine
  • Played by keladrian santhis

Private Kajiim Ashad

Private Avel Sitkeas

Private Edward

Private Alexandra Mayhew

Available Positions

The NSS Acadia is always looking for marines and other combat oriented crewmembers, as well as experienced crew and officers to fill out the upper echelons of the ship's command and provide leadership to newer members. There is also demand for medical, technical and care crew to pitch in and support the combat personnel.

Hray Modifications

NAM – Compact Fighter Launch/Retrieval System

The CFL/R system is a set of cranes and clamps attached to the ceilings of the hangar bay just next to the hangar bay doors and above the elevator system. It is designed to literally pick up an N/F-A Fighter in the bay and deposit it outside and vice versa, allowing the S1 Class to support up to four N/F-As. The CFL/R on the NSS Acadia was originally meant to replace the NSS Alder's own ancient CFL/Rs, which were due for a complete replacement. With the loss of the Alder, its remaining pair of N/F-As were re-assigned to the Acadia and the system was installed to accommodate them.

NSS Acadia Previous Plot Audits

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