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NSS Banning

The NSS Banning is a Nepleslian NS-LFS-1CIV Red Hill Class REVISED, ID# NR13AT8. Banning is an Irish name meaning β€œfair and small”. It is currently on a supply mission in the Kennewes Offensive. It is to meet the NSS Thunderchild. Then it will carry supply to the front lines, while bringing back prisoners and casualties.

The NSS Banning plot arc ended along with the Kennewes Offensive.

Crew Roster

Captain/Pilot: Captain David Sebastrano (NPC, Played by Fay) Chief Engineer: Cadet Third Class Mergeo De Ray (NPC, Played by Exhack) Communications Specialist: Soldier Second Class Valen Sasorix (PC, Played by Fay) Sensor Specialist: [Available] Assistant Engineer: Pavel Rostropovich (PC, played by CatoTheElder) Medic: Druidess Dream Zero Zero 00-0018-2475 (PC, played by Della) Cook: [Available] Passengers: Fian Vel Steyr (PC, played by Fian), Tweak Three Seven (PC controlled by MissingNo)

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