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NSS Inquiry

NSS Inquiry is a roleplaying plot created March 7, 2017 by GM Ametheliana that is an exploratory plot centering around combat and sometimes going into the rough and tumble life that is inherent in Nepleslia.

Status: Open to patient new members

OOC Thread

To create a character for this plot, see: CCG for Nepleslians

Plot Overview

An exploration vessel and Specter Class Stealth Carrier, the NSS Inquiry is setting out from Gold Coast to the West of the star map after some signals were picked up by a listening post set hundred of light years from Planet Nepleslia. The NSS Inquiry is going forth to tackle the lack of intelligence on the signals picked up. Unfamiliar terrain will be overtaken and laid open for examination by the Nepleslian Star Navy, no doubt. What is in store for the Marines aboard the ship is stuff of dreams and nightmares, alike. Lust for battle will be satiated and fears will be exterminated. Enemies and foes from the depths of the universe will be put to rest or will overtake the NSS Inquiry, all depending how the players take care to protect themselves and the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Rules and Pacing

  • Pacing and posting expectations: Once every three days. Failure to do so may result in your character being NPC'd and/or removal from the plot.

Crew Roster

Officers and Warrant Officers

Rank Name Occupation Player Notes Picture
Captain (NSN) Ally Gally Ship Captain Ametheliana NPC  Gally in her old uniform
Second Lieutenant Cadence Newborn Previous Squad Leader Ametheliana NPC


Rank Name Occupation Player Notes Picture
Master Sergeant Varick Stein Previous Second in Command Gunhand4171 Sniper Stein
Sergeant Linda Nelson Intelligence
Syaoran Cheza Evans in disguise
Private First Class Mark Villines Enlisted Compouds117 Demolition Specialist
Private First Class Adam Edison Enlisted Whitehart
Private Tobias Carrick Enlisted Alex Hart Cyber Specialist
Private Alec Corbin Enlisted SirSPT Medic
Private Glynn Shields Enlisted GrammarPaladin Demolitions Expert
Private Jared Barett Enlisted jjans002. Sniper

Open Positions

  • No other positions are required at this time, you may message GrammarPaladin for more information regardless.





Built in YE 38, the NSS Inquiry is a Specter Class Stealth Carrier that is destined for Westerly space.

RP History

Rear Admiral Ally Gally rouses the troops, explaining the situation and asking of them what makes them determined, fit, and ready to search out the mysterious signal.

The squad takes a shuttle down to a recently found planet where the signal was coming from. They are sent to one of the many cities of the planet, but it is threadbare— a ghost town. What they do find in a building they clear are datajockey-like pieces of equipment and PA. It shows no signs of disuse, no cobwebs or dust. The XO and an ensign are asked to take the PA back to the shuttle.

While they do that another building is about to be cleared when the XO hears a noise. He calls the rest of the squad over to approach the location of the noise with him, going several paces into the bush to do so. At first what they find look to be local fauna. Then, they stand up on their hind legs. As they do so, they stare directly at the squad with three eyes, one of which shines brighter than the other and all of a sudden, no member of the squad can move. The XO, again, hears noises behind him, near the shuttle but, like the rest, cannot move.

Twenty seconds later, the platoon leader in charge of the squad is able to turn around to see firey plumes bursting from the shuttle, knocking the medic and XO down from the blast. She scans the area, finds a hill, and asks them to make their way there.

They comm in to the Inquiry to get a shuttle down to us on the planet. The inquiry says they will oblige but as they do, orbital engagement ensues. The Inquiry informs the squad that they're warping out and will be back for them when the situation is stable. They watch as the Inquiry leaves them on this hostile planet.

They camp out on this hill for some time and mid-way through it, after some chit chat amongst the squad and time to get to know each other, they're engaged by hostiles.

The hostiles are fast, too fast for the squad, it would seem. But they hold their positions, avoid eye contact, and do their darnedest. In the end, though, the squad is captured. An Elefirn speaks to them, identifies themselves as Elefirn and tells them little else.

They are then brought through the wilderness of Polup. It is in this time that the Inquiry squad sees the Elefirn out of PA and up close as they are escorted through the bush. The squad is bound, placed around a fire, and are placed on watch by Elefirn after their helmets are removed.

GM Info

Contact Ametheliana.

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