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NSS Sledge Mama

The NSS Sledge Mama was a Blackjack Assault Cruiser launched in early YE 36 into the service of Nepleslia; it was Game Mastered by Cadetnewb but is no longer an active plot.

The above rating is descriptive of the upper limits which may occur; in normal RP, ratings are usually lower barring events and circumstances In-Character.

In Roleplay

The NSS Sledge Mama is the main plot for a Rapid Reaction Fleet, and centers around one particular squad of marines lead by Ylfa Diadottr. As part of this fleet, the ship itself is often sent out as part of a small battle group to quickly respond to various crisis. Due to this, Sledge Mama's Marines often find themselves in all sorts of situations, ranging from planetary assaults in a city, fighting on a lunar surface, to marching through wet jungles and boarding an enemy ship during naval combat. As a relatively new group, their ranks are made up of random marines, ranging from veterans to newcomers fresh out of boot. All of which, are ground together in hopes of making a good military sausage.

Roleplay can be found in HERE! while the OOC is over THERE!

Posts and Posting Style

Posts are expected from players once a week. When a new GM post is made, a character will be auto'd by the GM to keep the story moving if they are inactive and are key to the events at hand; though the GM will do the best possible to stay true to the character, efforts may still fall short due to not being the character's player him/herself. The exception to this is if players are still actively replying to one another, and there is no need for GM intervention for the group to keep moving. This usually comes into play only during social, non-combat areas however.

In general, posts are expected to be a combination of present and past tense for actions a character is taking, and actions that they did take. Overall, when facing enemies, the character takes actions against them but does not write out the enemy reaction or outcome. This is up to the GM to decide; though a slower post style than some other RP sites, this ups the ante by potentially having something go wrong. With the stakes higher, the game is a clutch match and with much more at stake.

Character Death

Thanks to the miracle of technology commonly known as the Brain Spider, death is cheap(er).

Should your character's head remain intact upon death and be recovered, they can fully expect to wake up in a regenerative tank naked and ready to fight for Peace, Justice and Nepleslia all over again in the next mission. Provided that any post traumatic stress disorder resulting from the moments leading up to and the moment of death itself are deemed within acceptable limits of course.

War is dangerous, and being a warfighter is a dangerous occupation. Due to this, any actions that are not tactically sound, otherwise known as stupid, will often be met with their most logical conclusions. Often brutally. Very brutally. Fortunately, combat is typically fought with highly advanced technology that includes sophisticated power armor, which may help to mitigate any mistakes made. Unfortunately, the protective suits used can mitigate mistakes only so many times, as its shields and then structural integrity decreases with damage taken. Even more unfortunately, the enemy will seek to actively mitigate an armor's mitigation of any mistakes made as hard as they can.

And even more unfortunately, the enemy will fight to win as hard as they can.

The GM reserves the right to kill characters provided that their actions lead to this conclusion in a logical manner.


The Sledge Mama is divided into 'Episodes', each of which has its own separate events and occurrences despite being linked to the previous episode.

Episode 1: Pig Iron

Here, the ship had yet to be launched for its maiden voyage. As a result, many of the raw materials for the Sledge Mama's complement of marines had met by chance while walking the streets of Stanton, Nepleslia. Unaware of how they were bound together, they all got to know one another prior to the formalities of the military. Despite some of the antics, involving a cybernetic gun store owner pulling out a cannon on the paparazzi, said paparazzi pulling guns out on him, and a blond laughing about how small their guns were in comparison to his, they were all soon called up into action as events elsewhere spiraled out of control.

Episode 2: Forged

'Forged' saw the newly gathered marines of all walks tossed head first into the fire of combat against an old foe, the NMX. Apparently raiding the Imperium's borders for resources following their defeat and collapse, the Marines soon found themselves boarding a disabled vessel which had taken a turn for the worst. With its interior dark and overgrown with bloody flesh, the Mishhuvurthyar themselves tossing aside their typically hammy villainy and acting like true monsters from the dark, the marines of the NSS Sledge Mama found themselves in a fight for their lives. At the end, prisoners and POWs like Himura Emi of the NMX and Ichiki Mayumi of the SAoY provided a little bit of insight.

Episode 3: Into Steel

The events of “Into Steel” have the marines dropping off Nekovalkyrja POWs captured from the Mishhuvurthyar during the last episode. However, with a friendly invitation to participate in wargames with Star Army forces at Wisteria Starbase, they find themselves plunging into a virtual reality simulator. Though initially a joint-operations exercise in the spirit of the DATASS Treaty, old love-hate relationship between the two factions arose. The old rivals soon found themselves at each other's throats, with the fight clearly turning into a Pyrrhic Victory for whoever was to be left standing. Things turned for the worst however, as the simulation died mid-fight. Former members of the Independent Worlds League struck the station hard at vital areas, despite the fact that the last few relatively quiet years have shown Freespacers as being rather lackluster terrorists.

With the timing of the attack onWisteria station, the Yamataian and Nepleslian forces present take serious casualties; in the middle of a scheduled simulator exercise, and with most of their combat personnel unable to effectively fight back. In a bid to locate suits capable of exiting the station and making the long space-walk back to the Sledge Mama, the Nepleslian Marines of Ylfa's squad descended into one of the armory bays and fought off the remainders of a squad of Militants. Having been given access to the power armors present by the sole surviving Nekovalkyrja, they armed themselves to grudgingly aid their old nemesis by retaking and restoring the station's MEGAMI, it's overseeing AI.

However, things took a turn for the worse as the marines faced opposition at every opportunity. The combat came to a false-climax as a TASHA Walker came bursting through the wall, guns blazing. Putting it down, the squad traversed Wisteria through the battle damage it had taken. Just as they were about to cross one final area and enter the computer core through a breach, the squad was confronted by something that should have been impossible. Three figures calling themselves “Cyber Nekos”, stopped their progress cold through terrifying and unconventional means, mauling several of them in the process. However, luck was on their side as reinforcements arrived, and they were able to restore the station's MEGAMI.

For a price.

Episode 4: Schadenfreude

With what had happened at Wisteria, the squad found one of their teammates - a Freespacer - imprisoned in the ship's brig to appease Yamataian authorities, as the attack had originated somewhere in DIoN space. Managing to get in and greet their friend before she was released, the squad soon found itself badly needing some rest and relaxation. The Sledge Mama couldn't agree more; the marines were allowed some shore leave in one of many asteroid bases which the Freespacers had set up. It was a place known as Providence. Their Abwehran driver and old friend of Kelly's known as Amold showed them some of the local flavor at the squad's insistence. Taking the squad to a place known as 'Sherry-Berry-Merry', they were initially astounded at the Escher-like layout; with tables and chairs set up on even the walls and ceilings, and scantily clad waitresses traversing every surface, it was not hard to be.

The three Freespacer namesakes however, only gave the squad flashbacks as their minds slowly put the pieces together. Listening to their laughter, the way they spoke, and how they acted with one another, it was clear; these were the three Cyber Neko that they had fought on Wisteria. This raised far too many questions than any answers they got, but playing a game of cat and mouse as they dined, the marines soon understood at least one thing.

Sherry, Berry and Merry felt nothing but joy from others' pain. Schadenfreude.

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