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NSS Venus

The NSS Venus is a Hray scout ship currently in service in Nepleslian Star Navy. It is part of the 4th AASP Fleet's 3rd Scout Squadron, under command of Grand Admiral Dominic Valken. Its task, like the rest of 3rd Scout Squadron, is to explore and monitor the relatively uncharted border regions. As the sole arbiter of Nepleslian authority in this wilderland, it is the crew's job not only to explore and chart but also to enforce Nepleslian law in its claimed territories.

Things, however, can get pretty boring during these long missions and its up to the crew to while away the countless hours of noncombat duty however they can. While regulations are more relaxed, this does tend to lead to some frisky adventures as the crew is evenly split between men and women. However, they are expected to be able to man their stations and perform ground missions just as ably as any other ship's crew. The only question left is who would need the most protection. The women, the men, or their enemies?

About the Plot

The NSS Venus is an 18+ plotship that deals purely with adult themes including sex, drugs and violence. If you're interested in unfiltered Nepleslian shenanigans, this is the plot to join. Other themes would be adventure, as the ship embarks on the strangest possible scouting missions. Almost nothing is off-limits.

The goal of the NSS Venus is to depict the daily life aboard a starship on long, independent missions with limited resources. Life aboard isn't always combat and danger. A lot of it is monotony and finding ways to kill that boredom. Combat actions will punctuate the plot randomly and emphatically.

A main storyline will be continued on a single thread (that is one long thread) to provide continuity. Threads for side-stories or side-missions will be open to all players and these do not require GM moderation. Side threads must, however, be conceptually approved by the GMs before beginning. This format is subject to change if the Game Masters do not believe that it is helping to present the story.

Plot RP forums: NSS Venus 18+
Available positions: Bridge Crew, Engineering, Medical, Security & Shuttle pilots
Joining Requirements: Age 18+; Speak to Sigma or ShotJon
Time limit for posting: 6 days, please notify Sigma or ShotJon if you cannot post. Should player not post in time without notifying GM, his character will be benched.


Formed in YE 34, the NSS Venus and her sister-ships of the 3rd Scout Squadron are the newest addition to 4th Fleet's growing reconnaissance wing. Their primary purpose, unlike other scout units, was to push into the unexplored regions of the Nepleslians Colonial Expanse and report on the situation. The Venus, captained by Commander Rodrigo Starblaster, is on independent assignment like the rest of the squadron. It is up to them to make decisions and influence the nether regions of Nepleslian territory. Support from the 4th Fleet's cruiser squadrons would take weeks, if not longer, to arrive. To survive, the crew must use every asset at their disposal. To accomplish their mission, they'll need a lot of luck as well.

Roles & Duties

Bridge Crew

Bridge crewmen deal with the critical tasks of running a ship, watching the sensors, feeding targeting information during combat, and directing the ship. Without them, the ship would be flying blind and leaderless. These crewmen are usually decisive, take-charge types who do well under pressure.


Navy Engineers ensure that the ship's systems and hardware are running in tip-top shape. During combat, Engineers are responsible for damage control and repairs. Without them, the ship would fall apart. Engineers are the most tech savvy and serve as the ship's problem solvers. If a spanner and datajockey don't work, a good whack will.

Medical Staff

Medics and nurses in the navy take care of the crews health. They make sure that every member of the crew is healthy and are trained to take care of most illnesses and injuries. They assist chief medical officer of the ship. In away mission they accompany the crew to help if a medical emergency should appear.


Sailors trained in keeping the ship safe. They uphold the law on ship and made sure no one is smuggling anything. They also take care of stowaways. Should the ship be under attack and in danger of boarding, these men and women are in charge of its defense. Security members also accompany the away team.

First Officers Log

The Launch

  • The crew boarded the ship safely and all of the equipment was loaded. Due to the mishap in administrative, some crewmember boarded the ship early.
  • Just before the launch, there was a minor injury during maintenance. Sailor was treated by the ship's medical personnel and there will be no long-term consequences.
  • Ships's gunnery specialist reported a problem with one of the main weapons. The launch was halted and engineering crew was sent to fix the problem. The problem was found relatively fast and won't hold the launch back anymore.
  • The Launch proceeded without any trouble. Before heading off to our scouting mission, Venus was asked to do a short delivery run.
  • During our delivery we have caught an SOS call, which lead us to unresponsive space-station. Captain Starblaster decided to investigate.


The Venus is a Hray stealth gunship, modified for long independent missions.

NSS Venus Crew
NSS Venus Ship's Inventory
NSS Venus Ship's Armory
Layout and Room Assignments
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