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SNV Furi'ken

The SNV (Shukara Naval Vessel) Furi'ken is a newly commissioned Kestrire'alis Reconnaissance Class, it was deployed in EE 004 (YE 40) and goes by the registration numbers of 002-RC-1F-33T. The ship is captained by Shipmaster Sere'ta'kon Chi'ka Jukiso'me'sane, the Game Master is Kyle.

This vessel is attached to the 1st Fleet, Task Force 33.


Tbe Fur'iken is a newly commissioned warship whose mission's are many, together with the Kingdom's current and only special officer, she and her crew are tasked with what could be an impossible mission. The Furi'ken is a newbie friendly plot and is used by its creator to demonstrate how life typically is within the Kingdom.

Latest news

The Furi'ken's crew were about to board their ship when the base they are on was attacked by terrorists, now they fight to protect the base, the city, and their ship.

Prologue Mission: Into Darkness We Go! First Mission: Current Mission:

Roleplaying Forums and Threads
  • Please ask for invite to Neshaten Discord Server. Note that *only* staff members and Neshaten players will be permitted entry, along with any other individuals whom have a vested interest in the faction.

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