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OIF Atuan II

The OIF Atuan II is a Serendipity-Class. It directly continues from the OIF Atuan. Roleplay on the Atuan began July 20, 2009. The OIF Atuan is a Mecha test carrier, whose purpose is to ferry experimental frames to test grounds. However, with the theft of a Frame, their purpose has turned from testing to investigation and now to “Reacquisition” (Revenge), and “Asset Denial” (Blow Stuff Up). Characters find themselves drawn into a game of corporate politics and intrigue as pawns of a bigger plan. Whether or not they will be the sacrificial piece or not, remains to be seen.

OIF Atuan II
To the Tombs of our Enemies
GM(s): Kai Cadetnewb Origin Industries OIF Atuan Subforum
Current Crew
Rank Name Position Player
Captain Arah Tenner Ship's Captain Kai (NPC)
Corporal Shinji Inakura Test pilot/demo expert Kai (NPC)
Ship's Computer Ged Ship's Computer Kai (NPC)
Ensign Kelly Williams]] Lead Test Pilot Cadetnewb
Private Meena Vershan Test pilot Kai(NPC)
Private Tachibana Yoshiko Test Pilot Cadetnewb
Private Taela Kaila Rookie Frame Test Pilot Moogle
Private 'Lucien' McGarland Rookie Frame Test Pilot/Hired Gun Luca
Private Ritter Victoria Rookie Frame Test Pilot ShotJon
Private Mark "Master V" Vintropolis Rookie Frame Test Pilot
Former Crew
Rank Name Position Player Reason
Private Maki Oyu Pilot Kai, NPC KIA
Private Zenny Ontarius Pilot Teddo Player Inactive
Private Asyncronus Seven Three Pilot Cy83r K0rp53 Player Inactive
LAWL?! Linda Fark1) ??? Revolver Guest
Master Sgt Camellia Sarri PA Team Leader Chris Young Inactive


The Atuan II is a Serendipity-class destroyer that was built as part of a test program, but, before it was fully outfitted, was reassigned as a replacement for the Original Atuan. As such, it was given a somewhat different weapons load, in an attempt to make the craft's offensive output more reliable than its sister ship, and the load of Embarked craft was changed to reflect its new mission. As for the personnel aboard the ship, the crew is a skeleton one, consisting of the bare, bare minimum needed to keep the ship operational, a handful of power armor troops, and the Frame Team themselves.

While the crew was on leave shortly before being issued the Atuan II, they eventually found themselves chasing after a drunk and subsequently kidnapped Yoshiko - this ended up turning into a hovercar chase through Dawn Station involving a frame being hijacked by Victoria for the job as extra insurance. This incident culminated in the culprit being revealed as one of Dawn Station's AIs, Zophia, which had done so out of a combination of boredom of babysitting the newest AIs of the station, and out of an odd, growing unpredictability of her own.

Soon after this, the Atuan II and Team found themselves sent to The Nassau System system, the headquarters of the culprits of the frame jacking - HIGA Industrial Corporation. Immediately upon entering the system, the Atuan II found itself pursued by several smaller enemy ships, forcing it to hot-drop the frame team and supporting Power Armor teams onto the planet. The diversion team and infiltration teams split up and lost contact as combat raged on, and after an exhausting slog through waves of inferior and obsolete enemy units, arrived within HIGA HQ itself.

There, they only ended up finding the newly begun production of new frames based off of the stolen Ashigaru designs, as well as data recordings within the network - Murakami Kensuke had orchestrated the entire incident alongside the HIGA leadership to damage Origin, for reasons unknown. Fleeing the planet, the limping Atuan II is left to slowly make its way back to Dawn Station with damaged engines and comms to warn the rest of the corporation of the conspiracy.

After these events transpired, the ship was rebuilt and re-christened as the Atuan III in YE 36.

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