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Oif Karakoram

Oif Karakoram is a roleplaying plot created September 3, 2018 by Kai.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join. The Karakoram is specifically looking for Female Mecha pilots, preferably.

plot rating: language-sex-violence


The OIF Karakoram is the first Karakoram-class Mecha Carrier-class Mecha carrier, fielded by Origin Industries. It is the spiritual successor to the OIF Atuan III. Roleplay on the Karakoram began mid-september, 2018. After the OIF Atuan's Mecha testing activities concluded, the program was shelved for a while. In YE 40, the Mecha test team was reactivated and reorganized into an active shipping protection group in order to combat a Pirate scourge that has been attacking Origin shipping lines with what appear to be versions of Origin's own Mecha…

OIF Karakoram
Ship's Motto will go here
GM(s): Kai Origin Industries OIF Karakoram Thread
Current Crew
Rank Name Position Player
Captain Zus Storhan Ship's Captain Kai (NPC)
Junior Executive Sierra Merkur Kai (NPC)
Lieutenant Commander Mecholic Nora One-Three 1314171 Frame team commander Kai (NPC)
Contractor Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lita Frame Team Member Sageshooter
Lieutenant Jennifer Zeromus Frame Team Member Frame Maintenance Commander Glein
Ensign Zeke Rykiel Frame Team Member Jack Pine
Ensign Charles Alistair Frame Team Member Alex Hart
Ensign Monica Frame Team Member SirSkully
Senior Employee Meena Vershan Kai (NPC)
Former Crew
Rank Name Position Player Reason


Available Positions

The OIF Karakoram is seeking the following:

  • Mecha Pilots
  • Mechanics

Frame Team

The OIF Karakoram has eight frames, but can carry more. These Frames are each assigned to a pilot or pilots as deemed necessary for missions. The following is the current arrangement in the plot:

Posting/Joining Requirements (OOC)

Players in this plot are expected to post at least once every other day, But posting every day is preferred.

Players who refuse to post for more than a week run the risk of being removed from the plot, unless they have provided proper reasoning and/or warnings for their absence.

Assigned Mecha

The Karakoram can carry up to thirty two Mecha

Accessories Available

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