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Osman University

Osman University is a roleplaying plot created October 31, 2017 by GM Jack Pine.

Osman University RP Threads

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

Welcome to Osman University, a private school for the residents and personnel of the USO to grow there education as well as receive new training for there work, or future positions. Play as a member of the SkyGuard, a normal student, a teacher, and have fun with this casual plot as we flesh out the life of the people of 188604 away from the usual action and military threads. But be aware that any major events in the main plot, like say an invasion, will effect this accordingly.

Rules and Pacing

Put the following here in this section:

  • Format: SP threads with occasional JP's posted in.
  • Pacing and posting expectations: This is a casual plot and does not have a set pace, and it will be turned based with order set by who is participating in each part of our story.

Characters and Players

Character Player Notes
Jack Pine Jack Pine as our PE and history instructor
Mark Oaklen Jack Pine as our school headmaster
Beaumont Trainscanflytoo As our instructor for Biology, Anatomy, and other medical classes
Rose Ironhart-Pine Madi Harper As our Astrophysics and Astronavigation instructor
Dylan Bjarkmar Yoerik As our Geography and Geology instructor
Aster Blake Kim / NPC As a student
Amit Pine Readlliea As a student

Open Positions

Accepting all approved characters.


YE 39: Section 6 decides to open a private school on Planet 188-604 in hopes of furthering the education system for the population and as a means to recruit potential new personnel for Section 6, The Sky Guard, and possibly Saber. This institution was named Osman University and is located near the outskirts of Osman city itself on a cultured plot of land, with a large grand school built that features the Uso's Star Organization's finest tech in it's classrooms and training facilities.

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