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Prizrak Drakona

Prizrak Drakona is a roleplaying plot created October 14, 2014 by Bloodyscarlet.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

The Prizrak Drakona is a modified Pathfinder Class Frigate that is travelling around the star systems close to Shara in search of NMX bases, fortifications and colonised worlds that other races may not know about. The Prizrak Drakona is being used by the Rapid Reaction Force to help assault the planets, the rest of the crew helps with assaults using the Prizrak Drakona's weaponry and also assisting the Rapid Reaction Force on the ground if deemed not a risk to the participants life.

Deck Layout

Deck Areas
1 command center, Electronic Warfare Suite, Observation Deck, CORE Bridge
2 Crew Quarters, Captains Quarters, Crew Quarters
4 Recreation Room, Mess Hall, Briefing room
3 Power Plant, RRF Barracks, Armoury, Launch Bay, Medical Bay
5 Life Support, Communications, RRF Ready Room
6 Loading Bay, Decontamination, Cargo loading
7 CIC, Main Engineering, Computer Mainframe, Brig
8 Back up power plant, Cargo Storage, Tio'yetze stealth system


Plot is currently for all, but if a unanimous decision is reached to raise it to 18+ then it will be changed.


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