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Project Hestia

With the Yamatai 10th fleet relocating from the Elysian suzerainty's boarders, it was decided by the Senate that a new defense force should be created to protect the boarders of the Elysian Celestial Empire. An old military building was converted and an old El-B1-1a Crataeis-class Command Ship simulator was installed for recruits to train in. Miss Hayliel Atheed was nominated as the educator and young promising recruits of a certain caliber were sent.

Project Hestia
Project Hestia
Age Requirement 16
Format Play-by-Post/ Joint Posts
Pacing 1 post every two weeks
Rating 3-1-2 (LSV)
Status Open (5 places Remaining)

Plot Overview

Project Hestia is a training program under the supervision of Hayliel Atheed, with the direct aim of teaching new recruits basic starship operations. A simulation of a El-B1-1a Crataeis-class Command Ship ship will be used to train the students


If you are interested in joining Project Hestia, please get in touch with Bman142 either through the forums or discord. Currently all Elysian Characters Are accepted.

Crew Roster

Hayliel AtheedTeacherBman142

About the GM

Bman142 joined the site in mid 2018, and after playing some RP's decided he needed more. He has experience in story weaving and has hosted numerous D&D campaigns of varying degrees of success.

OOC Notes

Bman142 created this article on 2018/11/11 19:24.

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