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Rememberance Division

Rememberance Division is a roleplaying plot created December 13, 2016 by GM HAMnJAM.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

With the Second Mishhuvurthyar War over and Nepleslia at an unexpected downtime, the Nepleslian Star Navy commissions a new Division under the First Assault Fleet, “Remembrance Division.” Remembrance Division is a tactical-carrier strike division, a carrier leading a selection of battle groups. These individual battle groups contain their own escort carrier as a command vessel, then a set of heavy combat vessels from battleships down to a destroyer screen. Each battle group can be rearranged slightly ship-wise to accomplish certain objectives.

Following the one-hundred ship division is a heavy supply group, very lightly armed and defended this supply group prefers to stay well away from combat. Though once combat is over and the shell casings are on the deck, the supply group arrives to repair and resupply the combat fleet with the crucial items of men and munitions.

The fleet is currently based around Nepleslia.


Rules and Pacing

Put the following here in this section:

  • Format: Single Post Forum Roleplaying, with JPs for private actions around ships, captains, and whatnot.
  • Pacing: I expect a post within 1-5 days MINIMUM. Contact me if something is preventing you from posting at this limit.

Open Positions

See Characters Wanted.




A newly commissioned naval division of the Nepleslian Star Navy sets out to run a trial of their ships, and whether it was a mistake to break the norm and put a mix of ships into one single division.

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