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Resolutions Of The Ghost

Resolutions of the Ghost is a roleplay plot created by Andrew in April of 2019. The plot is geared towards more veteran players that have characters with connections to the Motoyoshi Clan, however, if it piques your interest feel free to contact Andrew.

Resolutions Of The Ghost
Forum Link Subforum Link
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Andrew
Pacing 1-2 times a week/varies due to health of GM
Number of Players 3
Accepting Players? Speak with Andrew
Joining Requirements Speak with Andrew, 18+ Permissions

Plot Overview

In YE 41, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko was ordered by Ketsurui Yui to rebuild the First Expeditionary Fleet for the Star Army of Yamatai. For years Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko had toiled to rebuild and reunify the Motoyoshi Clan and had sought to bring her daughter Motoyoshi Kiyoko to justice for the events that had shattered the clan in YE 30 and had created the United Outer Colonies, as well as countless war crimes against the Empire and it's citizens. Katsuko makes her valiant return to the Yugumo Cluster along with the members of her clan in hopes of it finally becoming the home that they had intended to build after the fall of Taiie.

The plot focuses on missions centered around the First Expeditionary Fleet, Motoyoshi Clan and is a mix of character interaction and other different mission profiles. The plot is presented in episodes with companion stories connected to each main episode.

RPG Rating

The rating on this plot is:

  • Language: Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations.
  • Sex: Sexual content may be described in detail
  • Violence: Graphic violence is permitted.

Open Positions

There are no open positions at this time.

GM Information

Game Master contacts are Andrew ( and emergency contact is Toshiro.)

These are considered the main characters in the story:


Method of Play

The current method of participation in this plot is:

Current Episode

Episode 3 Playlist

Past Episodes


Episode 1: I Stand, Again

Part 1: Gemini Bound

  • Katsuko departed for Gemini fortress alone (except for her Otar, Akira, of course).
  • When she awoke, mid-journey, she had received a message of support from Misato.

Part 2: The Only Exception

  • Forgoing a formal welcome in favor of a working dinner that evening, Katsuko arrived at Gemini.
  • There, she met her daughter Kaoru, who she had brought to Gemini on special assignment.

Part 3: Long after the Storm

  • Katsuko pondered the traitorous actions of Tio and Kiyoko as she waited for Miho and Blues to arrive.
  • Katsuko revealed to Blues that Tio had been sighted in Old Tokyo by SAINT.
  • Katsuko, Blues, and Miho discussed a plan to move against Tio when he plans to meet with Misato.
  • Taking a break from her focus on rebuilding the First Expeditionary Fleet, Katsuko met with Blues to discuss his role in the upcoming mission against Kiyoko, along with the ordeal he had suffered at Kiyoko’s hands.
  • Informing him that she had a better idea than enlisting Blues into SAINT, Katsuko announced that she was reinstating Blues’s Officer Commission in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Part 4: Grandmother

  • Katsuko was made aware of the Tange’s plans by SAINT.
  • She resolved to expedite the transfer of Gemini to Jiyuu.

Part 5: Jiyuu no Yamatai

  • As the Gemini travels through hyperspace to its destination, Katsuko meets with the recently recommissioned Blues and Miho.
  • Blues reported to Katsuko the fates of Tio, Kahori, and Hayami Kurosawa aboard the Kiyoko-controlled Akuro III.
  • Katsuko reveals the Tange’s plans, to which Blues successfully guesses that they are targeting Eidan.
  • Informed of Kiyoko’s excesses by Blues, Katsuko doubled down on her resolve to bring Kiyoko to justice.
  • Miho upgraded from her Jiyuuan body to an NH-33 model Nekovalkyrja for the mission.
  • Miho and Blues discussed their history, and Miho explained herself, that the intelligence she provided for Katsuko had been stymied by misinformation from Misato, to alleviate Blues’s distrust.
  • Katsuko introduced that Kaoru would be commanding the mission with Blues and Miho to strike at Kiyoko.
  • Katsuko reveals that she has a friend watching Misato, confirming that their intelligence about her meeting with Tio was correct.
  • Katsuko arrives with the Gemini to the Jiyuu system.
  • Kaoru, Blues, and Miho prepare to depart on their mission.

Companion Story: Hidden in the Sunflowers

Part 1: Hospitality

  • Tio and his agents met with what supporters he could find in Old Tokyo after being set adrift with his agents by Kiyoko in an escape pod.
  • Tio arranged for one of his Blackcoats, Eisuke, to deliver a message to an old friend.

Part 2: A Message of Importance

  • Tio woke in the teahouse where he and his men had been staying, and he prepared to go out into the sunflower fields to meet again while dispatching Eisuke on his mission of import.

Part 3: The Boy

  • The “friend” who Tio had sent Eisuke to meet turned out to be none other than Prince Eidan, Tio’s son.
  • Anzu, Eidan’s caretaker, informed Eisuke that Eidan’s prior caretaker was missing, likely killed or taken by the Tange.

Part 4: Bad Tourists

  • Ceiko and Fumiko, of the Tange were in Old Tokyo in the guise of a couple on vacation.
  • Little did they know, SAINT agents had them under surveillance.

Part 5: The Weakest Link

  • Turned back to Yamatai by SAINT, the double-agent Mayumi met with Aio, the SAINT agent who had captured her and become her lover, after sabotaging the Tange’s trailing of Eisuke.
  • Mayumi agreed to turn over intelligence regarding the YSS Akuro III once she was to safety.

Episode 2: The Evening Orchid's War

Part 1: Coffee and Broken Dreams

  • Kaoru and Blues begin their mission in Old Tokyo, undercover, posing as a couple out on the town.
  • Encountering a pair of Tange agents, Kaoru pulled Blue into a kiss against a building as cover, listening to the Tange’s plans as they shared a brief, intimate moment.
  • They entered the cafe where Tio had been hiding, still undercover as a date, but Mrs. Tanaka signaled Tio after noticing one of them was a Nekovalkyrja.
  • Realizing she knew something Blues and Kaoru dropped hints they were there to meet with Tio, and that someone else was also coming for him, with ill intent.
  • Kaoru and Blues prepared to meet with Tio and his men, who had been told about the pair by Mrs. Tanaka.
  • Tio recognized Blues as a fellow prisoner and agreed to the meeting.
  • Blues informed Tio about the Tange’s plot to harm Eidan, a plot that likely includes Misato herself.
  • Blues explained to Tio that SAINT had been watching Eidan and the Tange sent after him.
  • Tio was informed that he was not being taken into custody, but was to proceed with his meeting with Misato with Katsuko’s agents waiting to protect him and strike if need be.
  • Kaoru and Tio had their first meeting as a family, while Tio dispatched Eisuke, with Blues’s communicator in hand, to retrieve his son.
  • Kaoru, Blues, and Tio descended into Old Tokyo’s Underground.

Companion Story: A Fortunate Day

Part 1: The True Hanabusa

  • Miho, preparing for her portion of the memories, looked back on her clan’s ordeal after Misato escaped and the Hanabusa were manipulated into allegiance with the NMX.
  • Misato could do nothing but look on as Miho and SAINT operatives arrested the Tange with her.
  • SAINT deliberately allowed Misato and the other Tange to escape, in order to lead them to their target.

Part 2: The Cake Went Stale

  • The Heion, Taisho Katsuko’s yacht, arrived on Jiyuu with a great show of force in her escort as a sign to the conspirators on the planet below.
  • Katsuko finally touched down on Jiyuu, her arrival the first time back on the world since the planet had fallen to rebellion, and later the Mishhuvurthyar.

OOC Notes

Andrew created this article on 2020/01/06 12:13. History section compiled by Yuuki.

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