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Section 6: Braving the New Frontier.

Section 6: Braving the New Frontier. is a proposed Section 6 plot to be run by GM Jack Pine. Its concept is “Section 6 has decided to leave the USO. Now they must set out in search of a new home, a world to settle and call their own. The future ahead is uncertain, but everyone is hopeful that it will prove to be a bright one. Join S6 on their journey to create a free nation unto themselves..”

It was approved by Jack Pine as of 8/15/2018.

Forum Link:Section 6 Board

Plot Details

Section 6: Braving the New Frontier.
Age Requirement: 16+
Format: SP and JP
Pacing: Decent, but varies depending on player schedules.
RPG Rating: 2-2-2

About The GM

Jack Pine joined the site in March 2017.

Previous Experience


Jack Pine is in the US central timezone and is available: Everyday and always available unless sleeping.


The following members have expressed their intent to join the plot:

  • Harper Madi
  • FatInTheFurious
  • Esscast
  • Club
  • Skully
  • Crowned Shadow
  • AirAdmiral
  • IQ
  • NoodleWerfer
  • Soban
  • ElfensFinest
  • Lijous
  • Charaa

The GM plans to use the following methods to find more players: I'm going to put up an interest check, and recruit by actively asking around.


The journey has only begun. For more then a year Section 6 started and grew as a part of the USO. Trying to help the people there have a better life, further technology, and make it a better place.

However it became clear that was not happening, and so with a sad farewell, they set out amongst the stars for someplace to start over. Someplace to call home.

It is now YE 41, and what was once an organization called Section 6, is now reformed into a government called the New Dusk Conclave. New enemies and a different set of problems have risen. But everyday is now hopeful as life enters a normal flow, and as the dream of a new world is realized.


Character Role StatusPlayerDepartment
Jack PineX7-Commander/LordAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Mark OaklenX7-Commander/LordAliveJack PineS.S.F.F.
Neera PineB2-Lieutenant/NobilityAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Seraphina CeruliusScientistAliveJack PineD.O.A.R.D.
NoraFreelancerKidnappedJack PineN/A
Rorik IstavanB5-SergenatKIAJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Rorik Istavan(Whisper)X4-Lt. CommanderAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Mark TazarC6-Warrant OfficerAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
OriasannoyingAliveJack PineMoD(Queen)
Jane F-35(Armora)E2-Strike Trooper/NobilityAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
TalosB6-Major 2nd ClassAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Sonia Argentum??????Jack PineN/A
Seara Argentum??????Jack PineN/A
Sarah PineX4-Lt. Commander/NobilityAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Rose PineAD&R HeadAliveMadiHarperD.O.A.R.D.
Doctor F. Amiri Vanth D.V.M., M.D.Chief Medical OfficerAliveDog-tor VanthD.O.M.S.
KorolevaHunterAliveIQSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
TalihE1-TrooperAliveIQSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
LynnE2-TD - Trooper 2nd classAliveIQSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
AffinS6 Tsumi sewerdogAliveIQSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Isabelle PineEngineering HeadAliveFatInTheFurious/Club24D.O.E.
Haisely GoenkofE1-Trooperaliveclub24Section Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
ChlorateAndroid DaughterSentientNoodleWerferN/A
Jay NagatoX6-GeneralAliveAirAdmiralSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Ven VolontanyE1-TrooperAliveSobanSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
David MaverockE7R-CorporalAliveSirSkullySection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
JackyReconAliveSirSkullySection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Heather BeckettPilotAliveSirSkullyosiris
Ashley BeckettHazop SpecialistAliveSirSkully
Leon HolzerBartenderAliveSirSkullyN/A
Yitih Flushcrux??????LijosuN/A
Richard MorrisLab Tech AliveBman142D.O.A.R.D.
Howard KillianE1-TrooperaliveSparkee0213Section Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Ydrin McMasterContractedAliveDragon GodD.O.A.R.D.
Jarimin "Jay" TraversE1-TrooperHorseSteeljawSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Gavving CathalN/ACEOALIVEEnansel
Craig MulderN/AFreelancerALIVELeonardo
Tilia ShervanaN/ACEOALIVELeonardo
Nyx Pine N0-Initiate /Lord’s latest daughterAlive CharaaSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Foreman Queen Seven-Two 23-2016-1994contractoralive?Titanrexfreelance
PathosCity Systems ManagerAliveTitanrexHired

Additional Information

  • New planet!
  • New star system!
  • New races!
  • New technology!

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