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Section 6: Braving the New Frontier.

Section 6: Braving the New Frontier. is a proposed Section 6 plot to be run by GM Jack Pine. Its concept is “Section 6 has decided to leave the USO. Now they must set out in search of a new home, a world to settle and call their own. The future ahead is uncertain, but everyone is hopeful that it will prove to be a bright one. Join S6 on their journey to create a free nation unto themselves..”

It was approved by Jack Pine as of 8/15/2018.

Plot Details

Section 6: Braving the New Frontier.
Age Requirement: 16+
Format: SP and JP
Pacing: Decent, but varies depending on player schedules.
RPG Rating: 2-2-2

About The GM

Jack Pine joined the site in March 2017.

Previous Experience


Jack Pine is in the US central timezone and is available: Everyday and always available unless sleeping.


The following members have expressed their intent to join the plot:

  • Harper Madi
  • FatInTheFurious
  • Esscast
  • Club
  • Skully
  • Crowned Shadow
  • AirAdmiral
  • IQ
  • NoodleWerfer
  • Soban
  • ElfensFinest
  • Lijous
  • Charaa

The GM plans to use the following methods to find more players: I'm going to put up an interest check, and recruit by actively asking around.


The journey has only begun. For more then a year Section 6 started and grew as a part of the USO. Trying to help the people there have a better life, further technology, and make it a better place.

However it became clear that was not happening, and so with a sad farewell, they set out amongst the stars for someplace to start over. Someplace to call home.


Character Role StatusPlayerDepartment
Jack PineX7-Commander/LordAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Mark OaklenX7-Commander/LordAliveJack PineS.S.F.F.
Neera PineB2-Lieutenant/NobilityAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Seraphina CeruliusScientistAliveJack PineD.O.A.R.D.
NoraFreelancerKidnappedJack PineN/A
Rorik IstavanB5-SergenatKIAJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Rorik Istavan(Whisper)X4-Lt. CommanderAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Mark TazarC6-Warrant OfficerAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
OriasannoyingAliveJack PineMoD(Queen)
Jane F-35(Armora)E2-Strike Trooper/NobilityAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
TalosB6-Major 2nd ClassAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Sonia Argentum??????Jack PineN/A
Seara Argentum??????Jack PineN/A
Sarah PineX4-Lt. Commander/NobilityAliveJack PineSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Rose PineAD&R HeadAliveMadiHarperD.O.A.R.D.
Doctor F. Amiri Vanth D.V.M., M.D.Chief Medical OfficerAliveDog-tor VanthD.O.M.S.
KorolevaHunterAliveIQSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
TalihE1-TrooperAliveIQSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Isabelle PineEngineering HeadAliveFatInTheFurious/Club24D.O.E.
Haisely GoenkofE1-Trooperaliveclub24Section Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
ChlorateAndroid DaughterSentientNoodleWerferN/A
Jay NagatoX6-GeneralAliveAirAdmiralSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Ven VolontanyE1-TrooperAliveSobanSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
David MaverockE1-TrooperAliveSirSkullySection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Yitih Flushcrux??????LijosuN/A
Richard MorrisLab Tech AliveBman142D.O.A.R.D.
Howard KillianE1-TrooperaliveSparkee0213Section Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Ydrin McMasterContractedAliveDragon GodD.O.A.R.D.
Jarimin "Jay" TraversE1-TrooperHorseSteeljawSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
S6-SS-000021E1-Trooper/SniperAliveImmortal CyanSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)
Gavving CathalN/ACEOALIVEEnanselTBA
Craig MulderN/AFreelancerALIVELeonardoTBA
Tilia ShervanaN/ACEOALIVELeonardoTBA
S6-NX27-C09 N0-Initiate /Lord’s latest daughterAlive CharaaSection Six Armed Forces (S.S.A.F)

Additional Information

  • New planet!
  • New star system!
  • New races!
  • New technology!
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