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NSS Wrath of Nepleslia: Shadow of a Gilded Age

SGA is a roleplaying plot created August 4, 2020 by GM Madi Harper and Thekrimsonwulf.

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Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

A new cruiser, new replacement crew, get caught in a conspiracy large enough to shake an entire way of life for members of the Senti race

Rules and Pacing

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  • Format text-based, play by post
  • Posts will be made weekly or biweekly. If a player can't post that week, feel free to message the GM about the situation.

Characters and Players

Open Positions

All positions.


The Carnivore Class Cruiser belonging to the 3rd Assault Fleet. “Wrath of Nepleslia, lost a good majority of her crew, during the Third Battle Of Nataria. During the early months of YE 42, the battle served as her maiden voyage. Losing their Capitan and a quarter of her personnel, the XO Commander Irene Barná took command. The ship is currently en route to Rok'Veru for repairs where the replacement crew will meet the Commander and her crew. Soon after a call from Central command came in, the Cruiser had her orders.

Mission 1: With Repairs complete, The NSS WON is on her way to the outer rim of Nepleslian Space. To link with a nomadic alien race, referred to as the Senti. Their Flotilla, has requested a meeting in regards to trade in Nepleslian space. But something seems A miss.

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