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Shiv Squadron

Shiv Squadron is a roleplaying plot created April 29, 2017 by GM edto_xar_sivaree.

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Status: This plot is currently closed and inactive.

Plot Overview

Even a race of warriors have their elite fighters. Those who the government send out to deal with issues before it becomes and issue to the rest of the population. Those, who will put their lives on the line facing an enemy they know far too little about to truly be prepared. One such group, is Shiv Squadron. This elite task force was designed specifically to be a rapid reaction force to any and all potential threats in and around Vekimen space. They may be named after a crude knife, but they are as precise as a laser when it comes to the defense of the VDTF and its people.

Rules and Pacing

Put the following here in this section:

  • This will be set up as a Play by Post if there are too many people to operate on a JP format.
  • There will be a strict one post a week minimum of all players, with wall flowering of your character possible after 3 days if all other players are waiting on a single post. These rules can be negotiated on an individual basis, and if I am incapable of following them I will be sure to inform the players. I understand life gets rough, but please be on top of keeping us informed so that we can move on.

Characters and Players

Character Player Notes
Zukan Kheris elb'Sivaro Gallant Medic, 2nd Officer
Nulleye 'Laderen Noodles Reporter
vytair_rta_laderen Acewing13 Soldier

Open Positions


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