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Sixth Assault Fleet 'The New Guard'

First Assault Fleet, Fifth Division 'The New Guard' is a proposed Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia plot to be run by GM HAMnJAM. Its concept is “Nepleslian SHIP COMBAT! (Woah!).”

It was approved by Gunhand4171 as of 12/12/2016.

Plot Details

Sixth Assault Fleet 'The New Guard'
Age Requirement: 16
Format: SP and JP When Captains want to do Captainy things
Pacing: Medium, Post every 3-5 Days

About The GM

HAMnJAM joined the site in April 2014.

Previous Experience

Multiple Real Life DMs in D&D. Wrote backstories for all characters I have ever drafted together.


HAMnJAM is in the US Central Time (UST -6) timezone and is available: At least twice during the day time all through the week.


The following members have expressed their intent to join the plot: @HAMnJAM (Obviously) @Gunhand4171 @Legix @Raz. The GM plans to use the following methods to find more players: General Methods of Interest Gathering. Usually an OOC post with an Interest Gathering topic and a few askings from the Chat.


Fifth Fleet is constructed to act as a Quick Reaction Reconnaissance and Assault Force in late YE 38.

Additional Information

Plot is based on ship based RP, with Captains adding a human touch to the RP, where it isn't all big guns and ramming.

OOC Notes

HAMnJAM created this article on 2016/12/07 17:51.

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