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SNV Gam'trosha

The SNV (Shukara Naval Vessel) Gam'trosha is a newly commissioned She’tanora Class Hybrid Exploration Vessel, it was deployed in EE 001 (YE 34) and goes by the registration numbers of 043-EX-1F-2E. The ship is captained by Shipmaster U'Cetrinal Sa'kira Yuna'me, the Game Master is Kyle. The Co-GM is Nashoba.

The ship is attached to the 2nd Exploratory Squadron of the Shukara Volunteer Navy 1st Fleet.


The Gam'trosha is a hybrid exploratory vessel, designed to venture into deep space on long voyages for the purpose of searching out new life and planets to explore, while still possessing the ability to defend itself. The ships operations are many, from combating forces that attack their ship, to investigating derelicts, to setting up temporary bases on a planets surface for the purpose of exploration and checking for possible colonization prospects.

However, while this may be what it's designed for, the Gam'trosha will find itself doing more than just that, including investigating a mystery….

In short, despite the Gam'trosha being a military vessel under a military command, it'll do things that are not typical of a military vessel.

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