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Squad Thirteen "Unluckies"

Squad Thirteen is a plot Game Mastered by CadetNewb revolving around a powered infantry squad and their various (mis)adventures.

In Roleplay

Squad Thirteen is perhaps the unluckiest squad in the Fifth Fleet. As part of First Division, Fourth Company, Second Platoon, its immediate predecessors were all annihilated in combat…and in one particularly unfortunate instance, out of combat. As a result of this terrible curse, those of Squad Thirteen, the “Unluckies”, can expect to see the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the downright Weird sides of military life.

The plot is currently active and recruiting!

Posts and Posting Style

Posts are expected from players once a week. When a new GM post is made, a character will be auto'd by the GM to keep the story moving if they are inactive and are key to the events at hand; though the GM will do the best possible to stay true to the character, efforts may still fall short due to not being the character's player him/herself. The exception to this is if players are still actively replying to one another, and there is no need for GM intervention for the group to keep moving. This usually comes into play only during social, non-combat areas however.

In general, posts are expected to be a combination of present and past tense for actions a character is taking, and actions that they did take. Overall, when facing enemies, the character takes actions against them but does not write out the enemy reaction or outcome. This is up to the GM to decide; though a slower post style than some other RP sites, this ups the ante by potentially having something go wrong. With the stakes higher, the game is a clutch match and with much more at stake.

Character Death

Due to Soul Transfer and rapid hemosynth technology, death comes at an incredibly low, low price, with the average Nekovalkyrja being worth even less than a Nepleslian!

Should a Neko's head be recovered intact and promptly put into cryostasis or refrigerated, your character will wake up in a tank full of transparent blood, with nothing but a pair of metal band to protect their modesty. And all with the horrors of death still fresh in mind as though it had only just happened, ready to fight in the name of the Empress once again!

War is dangerous, and being a warfighter is a dangerous occupation. Due to this, any actions that are not tactically sound, otherwise known as stupid, will often be met with their most logical conclusions. Often brutally. Very brutally. Fortunately, combat is typically fought with highly advanced technology that includes sophisticated power armor, which may help to mitigate any mistakes made. Unfortunately, the protective suits used can mitigate mistakes only so many times, as its shields and then structural integrity decreases with damage taken. Even more unfortunately, the enemy will seek to actively mitigate an armor's mitigation of any mistakes made as hard as they can.

And even more unfortunately, the enemy will fight to win as hard as they can.

In other words, The GM reserves the right to kill characters provided that their actions lead to this.

Characters and Players


Misfortune abound!

Chapter 1: Reinforcements

With a Mishhuvurhtyar outpost on the planet Heled II in need of removal, Squad 13 descended as part of the assault force in YE 35. Despite the 'small' size, the resistance was heavier than expected as permissive airspace could not secured entirely. With their own shuttle being shot down, the group proceeded forward towards the bubble-like city there on the planet with the assistance of the Type 34 series of interim vehicles. The fighting through trenches was a dirty, bloody meatgrinder of thralls - those irreparably brainwashed by the Mishhuvurthyar - and their Nekovalkyrja slave-soldiers, but inch by inch, they managed to reach their goal.

Chapter 2: Escorts

Typically, armored vehicle escort in the Star Army of Yamatai meant trying to keep Tankettes alive, an exercise in futility. Blessed with good luck for once, they were instead charged with screening the flanks of a Type 34 Main Battle Tank to everyone's great relief. Unfortunately, it turned out they were being assigned to escort duty because the tank had outlived its previous escort and screening forces; after being killed half a dozen times, the tank crews were happy and willing to run over their own escorts if it meant staying alive for once. Combined with their giddiness at having new toys, Squad 13's work was cut out for them.

Fighting through ruined city streets, the combat devolved into face to face encounters and hand to hand combat. Despite this, Squad 13 found themselves aided by the tank as high explosive rounds demolished gun-nests or sniped individual power armors with sabots. Through buildings. Together, they punched through several power armors and Rippers to reach the city center.

Chapter 3: Attackers

Pushing into the city center, their brief reprieve was broken as they encountered more resistance. Though light, Squad 13 ended up eventually finding themselves in front of a large tunnel, and despite having a bad feeling about it, had little choice but to proceed. Their fears came true as a cave in began, however, it only got worse; a Render-class mecha had descended, tossing the entire squad into a desperate struggle to stay alive. Though they eventually won out, it was not without casualties; and perhaps as insult to injury, the squad soon found out they were used as a distraction; at least the other units finished their jobs.

Chapter 4: Refuge

Hours later, their wounds healed, the squad was given some breathing room as they showered, ate and otherwise rested in a hotel recaptured from the Mishhuvurhtyar; another part of a soldier's job. As new soldiers arrived and gawked, older soldiers simply mingled and made themselves comfortable, as they all knew it was only a matter of time before they went back out into the field. When the inevitable briefing began, they braced themselves for the fight to come.

Chapter 5: Antagonists

Inside a sector marked clear, Squad 13 found itself assigned to finding out why another patrol had gone missing. The tables soon turned; as their transport was hit, the squad was forced to fight through the core of the city on foot. However, with the sheer size of it all, they were forced to split up as the situation changed; as most of the group went for one objective with Nakamura Kai, a few soldiers went with Nishizaki Sif for the other, and in search of a POW long held by the Mishhuvurhtyar. Chasing her into a deserted Mega-Mall, they captured and discovered her to be an old teammate of Sif's, now reuinted by fate. However, their harrowing journey didn't end there.

Constantly harried by the local Mishhuvurhtyar Commander's favorite Nekovalkyrja, the terrifyingly deranged Tulip and her squad of fellow Neko, the team struggled to complete their objective before stealing a tank for sale and blasting their way out in a fiery finale.

Chapter 6: Lazy Lyfe

With the worst of the fighting over, the soldiers of Squad 13 could finally relax. Warzone or not, the hotel featured a pool and several slides, and not even Yui herself was going to stop them from enjoying a day out in the sun and water!

Fanservice episode.

Chapter 7: We're Not in Yamatai Anymore

With the discovery of a new life bearing planet in YE 37 came another discovery that was as awesome as it was terrifying; it was a planet with 'magic'. Nano-machines dispersed into the air and matter of the world granted the illusion magic, and obviously, such technology could potentially tip the balance of everything in the Kikyo Sector. However, there was one problem. Last the Star Army of Yamatai had seen of anything of this sort was during the dawn of their civilization, granted by the likes of AvaNet. Worse still, modern technology would start slowly dissolving once it made planet-fall. With no clear avatar or entity to communicate or negotiate with, Squad 13 and many others of 5th Fleet found themselves amongst the medieval locals, scouring the world for the source of its 'magic'.

Already however, there are rumblings of a dark prophecy, and knowing Squad 13's lack of luck, things aren't looking up.

OOC Notes

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