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SS Nanashi

The SS Nanashi was a Jinkan-class Escort Owned and Operated by Origin Industries.


Member Position
Kassel Stravani Captain
Tara Nunziac Security
Gearhead Scraps Two Three 23-6571-1853 Technician
Bernt Vinter Security
“Reed” Crew
“Baum” Crew
“Fairfax” Crew
“Memphis” Security
“Wakazani” Technician


The SS Nanashi is on a mission to scout out the southern reaches of known space, in an effort to find an uninhabited system that may be used by Origin Industries as a second industrial base as well as weapons testing. It has been searching alone and logging all systems it comes accross that are not yet known to Origin Industries.


the SS Nanashi is a brand new ship, built in YE 31 by Origin Industries. Its first assignment was to scout around the galactic south in search of uninhabited systems to use as a base for Origin Industries.

While Exploring the 'h' System on the southern border of known space, the SS Nanashi was set upon by a Mishhuvurthyar scout. after a brief skirmish, the SS Nanashi emerged victorious, but was then suprised as two more SMX scouts set upon it, taking out its weapons and propulsion. The two scouts docked with the doomed ship, and spewed forth Mishhu, which overtook the crew, killing or capturing most of it, with the exception of one who managed to escape in an escape pod. After the 30 minute battle for control of the ship, NMX forces took it over.

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