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Su'kan is the proposed setting for a new RP. It is the name of the first city of a newly formed colony sponsored by the Gartagen Union.

Su'Kan or “Frontier” is a plot group tailored for the Gartagen but will not exclude any other races who wish to join up. The Concept is essentially civilian in nature allowing players to tailor their character to be any race, profession and or interest.

The Plot will be run as an SP, with a free form area set up for non GM interaction and free role play to occur between characters. JP's will happen on request, though I will promote the player to ask me what they seen, then they describe their reaction to it as I deliver the view in the OOC area. I intend to run it table top style with scenes being used as necessary. The themes will be slice of life, exploration, and horror.

I will use Gobiash Arta as my GMPC when requested.

"A New Home"

This plot will endeavor to show the civilian aspect of the Gartagen and will encourage interracial relationships to form. It will also serve to document the proposed colonization of a new planet and raise the moral questions of such an endeavor. Variety is the target hear as well as creativity.

Players will be encouraged to be inventive and creative in their writing. Due to the free form nature of the plot, I will allow new and veteran players to RP NPC characters as necessary. If it does become a regular character, then I will advocate making a character sheet.

FM Involvement

The Gartagen have been on the site for almost five years. I have ran a successful plot and faction. I intend to run this plot in a more relaxed fashion opting for some of the seriousness of the Gartagen Union.

Qualifications for GM Status

Applicant: Tony (Ira)

  • Active Roleplayer for 3+ months: yes
  • Frequent Online Presence: yes
  • Responsibility: yes
  • Helpfulness: yes
  • Creativity: yes
  • Permission: yes

Application for Plot

Concept: Players will be assuming the role of civilians or military personnel if they wish. The Gartagen Union has started cementing is presence in known space and has started expanding its borders and started up new colonies. The Gartagen's have decided to make a joint colony venture with other governments interested in the experiment, to show multiple species can indeed live and survive together. But technology is imperfect, and the Colony ship is launched off course. Failing equipment prompts the convoy to to settle down on a distant but habitable planet in unknown territory…

Theme: Slice of life, brave new world, Slice of Life, HORROR
Rating: RPG - 3 Posting Area: - Current Format: JP/SP
Time limit: I intend to do a JP at least Twice a week Recruiting Plan: On-Site

Schedule of Online Availability

All times are Central, and any absence or emergency will be announced as has been done in the past.
Mon~Thurs: 12 p.m.~11pm; 11pm~1am
Mon~Thurs, Holiday1): 10am ~ 1am
Fri~Sun: 10am~1am

Items of Interest

Why choose the SARP?: The setting appealed to me as well as the organisation involved. SARP has been the forum where I have been a regular the longest and has all way been a good hobby and place of enjoyment. As a member of the forum I am doing my part to contribute to its success, and I love doing it.

Any Art Skills?: No, will making doing art commissions.

Do you have a military background?: Y

Previous GM Experience: I have run two successful forums in my past for fun. This link provides and example of one of those plots:

Plot locations: IRC but will be posted in Forum


Episode 1 - The colony went silent and a mixed civilian and military expedition was dispatched to find out what happened. The star-ship that brought the expedition soon after the landing operation was dispatched lost power and burned up in the planet's atmosphere. The team soon found it self under attack by an unknown and unseen adversary. Luna was kill, and Godric was horribly injured.

Episode 2 - Arta has given orders to the team notifying them that they need to find a supply of food, as well as find out what happened to the drop ship crews.


Character Role Player
Gobiash Arta Leader Tony (Ira)
Nequas Yhu Farmer Colonist Zekec
Godric Erenpil Janitor GrammarPaladin
Mark Tazar Merc Jack Pine
brick_ironsaw Reality TV Star ArsenicJohn
dhunjhik_shas RRF Trooper HAMnJAM
Hilda Olander Private Security CadetNewb
Valentina Psychopomp Trooper Immortal Cyan


Needed Positions

  • Any and all


I will expound that Horror means I will make things get dark. Some times twisted. So if something happens you do not like quietly PM me and we can work it out.

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Anthony G

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2013/04/05 16:20 by Tony (Ira).

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