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The Brave

The Brave is a custom Courier 2A bought by Hida Chiyo in YE 39 for a private cargo running business with her husband, Michael Voss. Chiyo and Voss war veterans trying to find a purpose to their lives after retirement from Star Army of Yamatai as they try to dodge reminders of Voss's more questionable past when he was with the Cho family yakuza on Leo Star Fortress and working as a privateer for Morioka Naoko.

The Brave in Roleplay

The Brave was a character centric romance / action JP plot. The thread is located here and has 18 + content, strong language and adult themes.


In YE 39, Hida Chiyo made a purchase request to Star Army Logistics to buy her old ship GSS Kyuubi after seeing it was in the Scrapyard System to use for her civilian business. The request was politely denied so she made a purchase request to Origin Industries to purchase a Courier 2A. After acquiring the ship, they christened it “The Brave” and spent several months learning how to fly and maintain the ship with the assistance of digital manuals, videos and old fashioned practice in atmosphere of Asura III.

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