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The Maras

The Maras was a Glint-Class Organic Sourcian Gunship of Sourcian production, believed to be one of the last of her kind. Her point of origin remains unknown.

Maras in Roleplay

Maras' campaign began March 19th, 2007 and ran for 1 year, 5 months. It's primary GameMaster was OsakanOne and co-GMs are Soresu and DocTomoe.

The Maras was a plotship independent of any large factions and revolves around life on the frontier around the themes of risk, reward, loss and the unknown. The Maras was an alien starship of unknown origin, as was her captain. She was crewed by deserters of the Yamataian cause and those who seek haven from the current political situation. Her captain seeked spiritual salvation within this confused new world, safety from the nightmares of her kind and the means to return home.

The Maras contained graphic descriptions of sexual and violent acts and as such, it was restricted to players over the age of consent (usually 18). While the Maras was quite slow and a relatively new plot, all involved remain determined.


  • CURRENT LOCATION: The Maras was destroyed in YE-31.

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