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The Professionals

The Professionals is a roleplaying plot created May 30, 2016 by GM Mrmister. (NOW DEFUNCT RELIC THAT NEVER LEFT THE GROUND)

  • Link to Plot Thread - (Nonexistent for now) (And will never exist)
  • Link to Plot OOC Thread - (Also nonexistent for now)

Status: This plot is currently open for ANY approved character to join.

Plot Overview and Details

  • Format - Forum Posts
  • Age Requirement - 16+
  • Current Location of Plot - Funky City, Nepleslia (Downtown District, 202nd Precinct)

Designated Tactical Response teams were created in order to serve the purpose of reponding to high risk situations that called for a more heavily armed police presence. These situations would however be under extremely high risk “Golemn suit” situations that resembled a warzone. Being an all purpose high risk response team, they undergo additional training for ten weeks in order to specialize in situations such as hostage rescue, bomb disposal, and aerial assaults.

When First Squad (The Professionals) is first formed, Designated Tactical Response teams are a completely new concept implemented by higher ups for the reasons stated above. The team will endure multiple operations against a relatively unknown cultist threat relying on terrorism to spread chaos and possibly inspire lunatics to join them. Ultimately they will uncover a plot for mass destruction masterminded by someone of mysterious origin whose intent is to turn Funky City into his own personal heaven.

Pacing and Rules

Pacing will generally be lenient and players will be expected to post at least once every one to two weeks at most. If a player does not post within a two week time period, they will be contacted and warned. If a player continues to remain inactive, the player will be (skillfully mind you) removed from the plot and placed into stasis. If a player is still active on the site but cannot post, either send the GM a quick explanation or post an explanation on the OOC thread.

Characters and Players

Generally a limit of 8 maximum players, although rules can be bent, and 9 players can be the maximum.

Character Player Role/Notes
Griffon Pope SirSPT Assaultman
Gwendolyn Kossuth HotelKilo Operator
- falconsfan08 Field Medic
- Sebasti Ivanovsky Ordnance Expert


Reoccurring NPCs Role
Charles F. (Ferdinand) Bradford Squad Leader/NCO
Daina W. (Wells) Ponson Precinct's DTR Captain
Tim O. (Orion) Baron Support Team (Communications Officer)
Terry W. (West) Baron Support Team (Communications Officer)
Homer L. (Longman) Ramirez Support Team (Logistics Officer)
Catherine Y. (Yang) Chu Support Team (Intelligence Officer)

Charles F. (Ferdinand) Bradford Background

  • Name - Charles “Charlie” F. (Ferdinand) Bradford
  • Age - 39
  • Race - Nepleslian
  • Gender - Male

Physical Description - Charles is a stone cut of a dark colored man standing at 6 foot nothing, having built and hardened his body through a life time of exercise. Even though he is nearing his fourties, his body has been maintained and kept in an athletic shape. His body houses the occasional scars as well, mostly from bullet and stab wounds. A single rifle tattoo is placed on his right shoulder to commemorate his brother. His entire left arm had been replaced along with his left ear with cybernetics with his upper left face partially scarred. His eyes are colored a dark brown. He's also bald and clean shavened.

Personality/History - Charles is a more or less a rough and tumble type of man who likes to take matters into his own hands, having a hands on personality. He holds a hard exterior with a warm interior and is protective of those around or under him but a cold demeanor towards those he sees on a lower plane of existance. His amount of experience makes him wise and a valuable leader and mentor to others. Charles and his brother, Marton, both chose to join the Nepleslian Marines when they came of age at 18. Serving honorably and suffering injuries here and there (notably Charles losing his ear due to a lucky shot), they would be discharged together six years later after completing their contract. Wanting to continue their service in a more civillian form, they both chose to join the Nepleslian Police Force together. They would perform admirably as partners in the same police squad. Tragically, Marton would be killed in a large shootout between police forces and gangs with Charles losing his arm when a drugged up thug hacked his arm down the shoulder with an hatchet twice before being put down. Receiving a tattoo to remember his brother, Charles would continue to serve and raise himself through the ranks.

Currently at the rank of Senior Sergeant (NC-2), he would be assigned to manage a new squad being formed for his precinct house and would do so eagerly to guide the new squad.

Open Positions

There is only ONE spot per role.

  • Designated Marksman (Mid to long range specialization) - OPEN
  • General Technician (Operates advanced equipment such as drones) - OPEN

Equipment Made For This Plot

  • MSC-1 (Multi-Situational Carbine Model 1)
  • Mk2DWB Charge (Mark 2 Door-Wall Breach Charge)
  • MTCD-1 (Mobile Tactical Camera Drone Model 1)
  • CST Grenade Launcher (Compact Single Tube Grenade Launcher)


None as of yet.

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