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Tripathi's Tyrants

Note: This is not approved yet

Tripthi's Tyrants is a roleplaying plot created August 11, 2019 by GM Firebrand that focuses on Nepleslian Marines in power armor operating in a small group, with a great deal of time spent on the character interaction and downtime between 'drops'. The Tyrants are a new, gung ho fighting force filled with colorful characters. The plot is fast paced and great for both new and veteran players alike.

Status: Tripathi's Tyrants is accepting new players at this time. Due to friendly(ish) relations between the SAoY and Nepleslia, certain Star Army Personnel may join the Tyrants as part of a transfer program to promote friendly cooperation.

Plot Overview

Tripathi's Tyrants, 3rd Platoon, B Company, 555th Battalion
Age Requirement: 16
Format: Both Single Post and Joint Post
Pacing: Once a week minimum

The 5th Battalion, 5th Regiment, 5th Marine Division is a newly raised NSMC Marine Battalion formed from a cadre of experienced personnel, new recruits, newly made ID-SOLs, and 'foreign (read: non nepleslian) volunteers. Still a relatively fresh outfit, the majority of the 555's forces are divided into small, Platoon sized forces operating on smaller ships in a patrol capacity.

The Third Platoon, B Company is one such small unit, stationed aboard the Hray class Stealth Gunship NSS Count The Cost. Third Platoon, or Tripathi's Tyrants, is a fully Armored Marine Platoon, consisting of two 12-marine squads, a two man scout-sniper team, and a four person heavy weapons element. The Player Characters are all a part of Second Squad.

Currently, the Tyrants are on Nepleslia Prime, taking in new recruits and consolidating its organization in preparation for an upcoming wargame, where they will face an OPFOR composed of loaned SAoY Rikugun forces emulating the Kuvexians.

GM Info

Contact Firebrand.

Crew Roster

Species and Factions accepted

While the Tyrants are a Nepleslian outfit, the unit is part of an initiative to incentivize cross training and cooperation with the SAoY, as well as to promote soldiering skills among more of Nepleslia's populace. Thus, the Tyrants are remarkably diverse for an marine Corps unit.

Musical Theme

We'll get one, eventually.

Rules and Pacing

The plot utilizes single posts on the forums within GM-run threads.

If players want to JP with one another, please do so.

The following pacing is normal operating procedures:

  • Pacing and posting expectations: Once or twice a week
  • Your character can be killed or be NPC'd at any time




Unit & Ship Patches

Nothing here!

Tripathi's Tyrants History

This is about the history of the Tyrants themselves. The Tyrants were only formed in YE 41, with cadre and recruits assembling on Nepleslia Prime.

Pre-RP History

The Tyrants were only formed in YE 41, with cadre and recruits assembling on Nepleslia Prime. With war games on the way, their mothership, the NSS Count The Cost took the time to enter spacedock for repairs and maintenance.

The war games, it is hoped, will get the platoon working together as a well oiled unit and identify any problems before the Count The Cost and the Tyrants shipped out to begin an actual fleet deployment.

RP History

  • Pre-Mission One: Nothing yet!

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