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The successor to the YSS Akuro II, this was the first and only Ascendancy-class Flagship. It was intended to be the flagship of the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces. The USC Akuro III was last seen in the Jiyuu System in high orbit above in Jiyuu III in YE 31. 1)

UCS Akuro III, Ascendancy-class

The Star Army of Yamatai considers the Akuro III to be their property. It was built by them and for Star Army service, and although it was given to the UOC in the peace treaty, and was not required to be returned by the UOC along with the other Star Army ships and equipment, since the UOC's collapse and subsequent reclaiming of all UOC assets by Yamatai, the Star Army reasserts its claim on the Akuro III and is offering an unspecified cash or barter reward for its safe return, as it is a ship of historical significance and also a powerful warship.

USC Akuro III in Roleplay

The UCS Akuro III was intended to be a UOC Peacekeeper plotship GMed by Andrew. The plot however never got off the ground, and the fate of the titular ship was never addressed.

USC Akuro III's History

The Flagship of the UOCPF was to begin its adventure under the command of Grand Peacekeeper Motoyoshi Kiyoko. Its mission to was be a leader in the UOC's peacekeeping operations, and to serve as a symbol of the nation itself. The 17th Kasairyuu Power Armor Wing was aboard and awaiting its chance to get in on the action.

As of the fall of the UOC at the hands of the NMX in YE 33 the location and status of the USC Akuro III was unknown. Five years later in YE 38 the status and location of the would be flagship is still unknown.

Akuro III's Crew Manifest


Commanding Officer

Grand Peacekeeper, Motoyoshi Kiyoko


Recruit, Toyotomi Natsumi

Open Positions



This could potentially make for a decent plot hook for an expedition in the old UOC territories, so some minor updates to the page were made.

According to Andrew, this ship is off limits for messing with. It was also functional and in use as of YE 33 by one of his characters.

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