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UCS Vanguard

Advance Force into the Unknown

UCS Vanguard in RP

Previous Status

The UCS Vanguard was an ADULT (18+) plot and was part of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet and, later, the UOCPF). It was GMed by Toshiro, starting on April 14, 2008. The concept behind the plot was one of both furthering the 5th XF's goals and technological development. The RP assumed a large number of the crew of the YSS Asuka, and replaced the destroyed ship, so it could be considered a partial continuation.

The UCS Vanguard is an intermediate ship between the YSS/UCS Asuka and the UCS Asuka II, and is an Ionoche class Light Carrier.

Current Status

Relaxing from the first part of an exploration mission-turned rescue operation, the crew is waiting to leave the Vanguard for the Asuka II.

UCS Vanguard: A History

The UCS Vanguard is a ship which served for part of one mission in YE 30 to explore the first planet in the Mitsuya System, until the completion of the UCS Asuka II.

Now Commanded by Kogayane Yumiko.

Crew Manifest

Commanding Officer (NPC)

Commodore Kogayane Yumiko
Commanding Officer, UCS Vanguard
Player Toshiro, YIM; toshiro_yuki


Sub Lieutenant Kotonoha Miyako
Bridge Operations, UCS Vanguard
Player Miyako; YIM: Shadryel

Cadet Wakahisa Kichiro
Caretaker/Medic, UCS Vanguard
Player Exhack; YIM: Grb2hack


Petty Officer First Class Minori Yuki
Medic, UCS Vanguard
Player Kyoki; YIM: kyoki_tsuki

Petty Officer Second Class Roken Techard
Technical Sentry, UCS Vanguard
Player Blackdragon; YIM: xZBlackdragonZx

Peacekeeper First Class Lolion Reglo
Infantry, UCS Vanguard
Player A Wandering Mage; YIM: AWanderingMage

Peacekeeper Third Class Uindo Denkou
Infantry, UCS Vanguard
Player Aendri; YIM: aendri_shasosshol Notes: Military Hiatus

Peacekeeper Recruit Akio Noboru
PA Pilot/Medical Assistant, UCS Vanguard
Player TeslaTornado

Former Crew Members

Sleeping Arrangements

Captain's Quarters

  • Kogayane Yumiko

Officer Room 1

  • Kotonoha Miyako
  • Kage Mist (There for the moral support of the XO)

Officer Room 2

  • Kobayashi Ichiro

Stateroom 1

  • Minori Yuki
  • Wakahisa Kichiro

Stateroom 2

  • Roken Techard
  • Uindo Denkou

Stateroom 3

  • Lolion Reglo

Stateroom 4

  • Empty

Stateroom 5

  • Empty

Stateroom 6

  • Empty


  • Noboru Akio

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