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UCS Zenpyou

“Changing the wind with blackened wings.”

The UCS Zenpyou was a Asuka-class Scout that entered active duty in United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces in YE 30 for the 4th Fleet simply as “UCS Zen”, it was then reassigned from armored escort duty of logistics' cargo ships to the 4th Fleet's Pirate Task Force - Pirate Combat and Investigation Unit in order to help combat the growing pirate problem in the United Outer Colonies.

After the Zen's duty reassignment, it was given a slightly more aggressive name and became the “Zenpyou”. “Zenpyou” in Yamataian can mean “omen; portent; sign; premonition; or harbinger” with the kanji, 前表 【ぜんぴょう】.

Currently, the ship is part of the Star Army Museum on Nataria and can be viewed as part of an escorted tour.

Zenpyou in Roleplay

The Zenpyou was a United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces plot-ship that was still getting off the ground. The Zen's main mission was to investigate reports of pirate activities in the United Outer Colonies and combat the United Outer Colonies' growing pirate threat.

Zenpyou RP began December 1st, 2008 and lasted to November 20, 2010.


The theme of the UCS Zenpyou is an action, investigative ship that encourages players to work cooperatively through practical squad based leadership in order to accomplish the ship's mission with some guidance from a supervising GM during forum SP roleplay with an “as they happen” attitude for JP roleplay.

OOC Info and Requirements

The current supervising GM is Kim. The current acting plot arc GM is ShotJon

Plot Requirements

This plot is NOT restricted to 18+ so any sexual encounters must be hidden; profane language kept within contextual reasonable bounds and violence kept to a level that might be considered borderline PG-13/R rating.

Posting Expectations

Players are expected to post at least once a week to keep the plot moving forward but are encouraged to post as often as they can- we are currently in transition to Kim returning as the main GM in day to day rp so these are currently waived.

Zenpyou's description

The Zenpyou's outer hull has been painted a matte black color with a grey version of the UOCPF patch and the ship name on the front outer hull plate.

Zenpyou's History

Prelude - Siren's Call

The Zenpyou began in YE 30 simply named “Zen” but was renamed when it was reassigned to be a PCIS. The ship was sent to Siren System, Mayer Station to be refitted; re-equipped and receive new personnel before being sent out on its new mission to investigate reports of piracy and combat the threat that pirates posed to the peace of the United Outer Colonies.

The crew slowly trickled into Mayer Station and reported in to Sub-Commander Belinda Blake for further instructions and received their Mess Detail time and berthing assignments.

Miu Nagatori and Ramirez, Ira in their pre-mission excitement went through a very difficult, no win scenario in the station's training simulator to prepare themselves for the battle ahead. Unfortunately, Miu took Ira's mission scenario very personally which lead to an incident in the Cafeteria that resulted in injuring Tesuro and Commander Fleming dismissing both officers from the Zenpyou for “conduct unbecoming of an officer”; and “causing a public disturbance”.

The crew was given their mission briefing to investigate the reports from Miyamae 3 about a band of pirates called the “Barras Family” that had been plaguing the area for some time.

Mission 1: Blackened Wings

Upon entering Miyamae System near Miyamae 3, the Zenpyou encountered a problem with their sensors not working as well as their communications systems failing, to what was believed to be something jamming them, as they entered a debris field of rock and battle salvage. The crew spotted a green and gold ship fitting the description of one of the Barras Family's ships with a huge hole in the hole and no heat signatures. Sub-Commander Stryker started taking a team to investigate the wreckage when an explosion on the hull set off the alarms and… a Demon Power Armor breached the Power Armor Bay doors with a gigantic drill. The assembled armored crew weren't given much time to react as the Demon fired into the power armor bay….

Miyamae Incident After-Action Report

After preparing to leave Mayer Station, the UCS Zenpyou launched as part of the 4th Fleet's Anti-Pirate Task Force in response to lack of communication from the planet Miyame III. Upon arrival in the system the UCS Zenpyou came under attack from an unknown source, later determined to be members of the Barras family. Using sensor jamming technology enemy forces were able to board the Zenpyou and commenced an attack. Our forces split into two groups, one group under the command of Sub-Commander Stryker, and the other under my own command.

Sub-Commander Stryker's group was tasked with eliminating the sensor jamming technology that the Barras family was employing during their attack, while my own team engaged and repelled the boarders. After a fairly short firefight, we successfully repelled the boarders, but not before I made a poor decision that nearly cost my own life but put the lives of other members of my team in danger as well. Due to my attempts to remove one of the boarders from his power armor, I inadvertently caused the armor's power reactor to go critical and explode. The explosion melted the ablative shielding and wiped out the shields of my own Tenshi while critically wounding myself, in addition to wounding Peacekeeper 2nd Class Roken Techard. Luckily due to my race, and the skill of the surgeons involved both myself and Peacekeeper Roken recovered fairly quickly.

Once I came to, we had disabled the jamming and entered orbit on the planet. It was decided that Sub-Lieutenant Kitano Ai would lead a team planet side while Sub-Commander Stryker would remain on board the ship to question the boarders that we had captured. I went with Sub-Lieutenant Kitano as an assistant. When we arrived on the planet and entered the colony we found it deserted and booby-trapped. Eventually we discovered that the residents were hiding in the nearby mine, after making contact with them we began to ascertain what the current situation was.

We learned that the Barras family had killed one of the members of their colony and was blockading the colony. We proceeded to build a case against the Barras family by questioning the colonists, and reviewing the video footage. While reviewing the video, Sub-Lieutenant Kitano discovered that the security footage of the altercation had been altered, most alarming however was during questioning, Peacekeeper Roken discovered that the colonists were lying about the Barras family. Eventually, we ascertained that the Barras Family were in fact the victim, not the colonists. It was evident through the combination of testimony and video footage that it was actually a member of the Barras family that had been killed, and the colonists were in fact covering it up.

As these revelations were made known to us, I ordered our return to the ship to fill Commander Fleming in on the current situation. It was felt at the time, that resolving it peacefully was the best solution. The next morning I was appraised that Peacekeeper Recruit Alice Mason, a recent transfer having arrived when the UCS Cael docked with the Zenpyou to repair and finish supplying and equipping us, had assisted security forces in capturing 3 out of 4 saboteurs that had snuck aboard the Zenpyou during the first assault. Eventually, I decided to include Peacekeeper Recruit Mason in the final events that transpired.

Before that however, I met with Peacekeeper Roken that morning in the Officer's Mess over breakfast. We discussed the events that transpired on the planet and I indicated that it was desired we resolve this peacefully before messaging Peacekeeper Recruit Mason to join us. Upon her arrival I had both of them restate the various things they had learned before I revealed to them that I intended for them to negotiate a solution to this matter. After stating our goals, we discussed methods to achieve them, and I informed them of their role.

Later that day we began negotiations after tricking the colony to send representatives to retrieve materials, among them the murderer, and alerting the Barras family that we had captured some of their family and would be willing to return to them and negotiate a withdrawal of their blockade.

After a long amount of time negotiating, the Barras family eventually agreed to withdraw their ships from the blockade, in exchange we would punish the murderer and of course return their family members. On the other hand, they had attacked the Zenpyou, a Peacekeeper vessel, so some punishment was due. It was decided that their weapons would be looked over and some of them confiscated, though they would be left with enough to defend themselves in case of pirate attack.

On the matter of the colonists, they did not like being tricked when they found out the true intent of our summons. Nor did they seem particularly keen to giving up a member of their colony, but in the end they had little choice. Ultimately the matter had been resolved peacefully, though I fear that relationships between the colony, Barras family, and UOCPF has been heavily strained.

On my own part, I would like to recommend Peacekeeper Roken and Peacekeeper Mason for advancement. They both have shown extraordinary merit and demonstrated skill in their duties, as crazy as the duties I assigned them were.

Security forces aboard the Zenpyou have commented that Peacekeeper Mason went above and beyond her duty, by not only capturing 3 of 4 saboteurs, but managing to stabilized one of the saboteurs who would have died had it not been for the medical attention that Peacekeeper Mason applied.

Peacekeeper Roken has continually shown himself to be an intelligent and capable Peacekeeper. From his skills demonstrated in defense of the Zenpyou itself when first boarded, to his actions and efforts both on the planet and at the negotiating table he has proven himself capable.

This Sub-Lieutenant hereby states that she has reported all events to the best of her knowledge, providing as impartial of a view as possible.

Signed, Sub-Lieutenant Hiragi Natsuko, UCS Zenpyou, UOCPF 4th Fleet

Mission 2: Containment

The Zen's crew return albeit battered but still victorious after their first mission to Mayer station in Siren system for much needed repairs to the Zen and some much deserved leave time. Their leave time was unpleasantly interrupted when a series of heavily damaged ships threw Mayer Station into emergency alert as fires, explosions, and a mysterious substance in the air ventilation turn the crew's relaxation time into a mission to discover what has happened to the rest of their crew who have mysteriously disappeared and what is going on at Mayer. A roving communications blackout in the United Outer Colonies has isolated the Zen's crew from any chance of outside help.

Can Recruit Alice Mason keep her cool as she leads her crewmates through the damaged and deserted station in their search of their Captain and their crew? Can they contain the damage and meet up with the other Peacekeepers at the station before it is too late?

Zenpyou's Crew


Commander Stacy Fleming

  • Captain
  • Played by Kim. YIM: kirageshadow

Sub-Lieutenant Hiragi Natsuko

  • On leave of absence
  • Played by mizunoyoroko. YIM: mizunoyoroko

Cadet Kobayashi Ichiro

  • Cadet
  • Played by Kylen. YIM: gamgeek6


Peacekeeper Second Class Roken Techard

  • Infantry
  • Played by Robert. YIM: xZBlackdragonZx

Peacekeeper Recruit Alice Mason

Peacekeeper Third Class Kenshin Chikai

Available Positions

ALL POSITIONS OPEN - but must have: Power Armor Pilots. There are availabilities open for 1 Cook; 2-3 Technicians.


Former Crew

Vehicle Complement



Power Armors

Players (with usernames)

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