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UNS Empress' Frontier

The UNS Empress' Frontier is a roleplaying plot created September 24, 2017 by GM Zekec. It is set upon the small exploratory vessel similarly named the Empress' Frontier. It is a highly-praised starship in the Union, known to discover many of the key planets known to the small country. The plot is about exploring during the times of war, the constant Winged Hussair members standing in the backround- ready to leap into space or on a planet to defend the crew. It was also outfitted with extra guns, showing how different and hard it is to be an exploration crew in a country at war. It is planned to help detail some empty places in the galactic map, while expanding the Union and Asteria borders, as well as extending diplomatic ties.

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Plot Overview

Filled with adventurers and scientists, this small exploratory vessel is ready to once again resume surveying worlds and reaching out to new civilizations. Lately, they were forced into war, but the whole crew, along with their new Asterian crewmembers, plan to take a short leave- and hopefully don't run into any trouble on the frontier.

UNS Empress' Frontier is an ongoing, active plot. The current role-play mission can be found here, and is play-by-post(although some JPing may occur between characters). Please contact the GM, Zekec, for any questions. NOTICE: The pacing, as with many of Zekec's plots, may not exactly be the fastest. So if you know you may not be around every day, or even a week, this may be a good plot to join.

Plot Rules


Current Events

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