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XSS Tiavareth

The XSS Tiavareth is an NMX "Pillager" Light Cruiser built and deployed first in YE 33. It is commanded by the Mishhuvurthyar known as Speshurblax. Its Game Master is Samuel. Its Co-GM is β€”.


The Pillager-Class was designed to infiltrate civilian infrastructure and from within eat away at the foundations of the NMX's enemies. As the Second Mishhuvurthyar War drags on, the Tiavareth is working behind enemy lines and with little hope for support. Life aboard the ship isn't great, but it could be worse: there's food, there's water, and so long as you do what you're told and survive combat there's life. The primary method of roleplay is JP for combats and SP for non-combat.

It will be SP starting out for the most part.

:!: This is an 18+ Plot! :!:
Players who fail to attend three consecutive JPs need to talk to the GM.

Latest news

  • Took the Yui-Class Scout named Tami's Call.
    • Disabled the AI, and captured crewmen including a Taii.
  • Escaped Taisho, with intact operative (William, who joined the crew) and intel earned at a high cost.

Ship's Emblem

Issued YE 33

Ship's Name

It is unknown what β€œTiavareth” means.

Ship's Motto

β€œIn for the kill.”

Ship's Status

The XSS Tiavareth is in pristine condition at:

  • β€”

Ship's History

YE 33 The XSS Tiavareth:

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