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YSS Artemis Plot

YSS Artemis is a proposed Star Army of Yamatai plot to be run by GM Glein. Its concept is โ€œSAoY Ranger team operating deep behind enemy Lines, Ghost Recon style, with Ghost in the Shell-style concerns between major field operations.โ€ It was approved by Wes as of .

Plot Details

YSS Artemis
Age Requirement: 18
Format: Both Single Post and Joint Post
Pacing: Once a month minimum
Forum: YSS Artemis Sub-Forum

It is set aboard the YSS Artemis

About The GM

Glein joined the site in July 2018.

Previous Experience

Several D&D Campaigns (various lengths, longest was 1 year long) Multiple Roleplays (Most of these are no longer able to be recovered due to the sites going down and not coming back.)


Glein is in the US Pacific Standard Time timezone and is available: Online most days, I'm most available for RPing at night PST, with maximum availability being on Monday, and every other Tuesday.


Here is a list of the current players on the Artemis (Characters will not be listed):


Main Threads concerning the progress of the YSS Artemis's story.

Additional Information

I have some skill in DOGA, however I do not by any means consider myself great or even a master with the tool, and have been trying to find time/means to learn more advanced and capable programs. In addition, I've had 6 months service USAF, prior to entry level separation.

Characters WantedLooking for a few (2-4) more rangers. We've enough Infantry to cover activity there, and enough support crew to handle those roles.

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