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YSS Azalea II Plot

YSS Azalea II is a roleplaying plot created on September 10, 2022 by GM Immortal Cyan. Centered on the YSS Azalea II, a newly-christened Plumeria-class (2E) Medium Gunship of the Star Army of Yamatai’s First Expeditionary Fleet, the exploits of its crew and captain are the focus of the campaign, with an emphasis on high-action mecha, power armor, and fighter combat.

Plot Overview

In the wake of the Kuvexian War, The YSS Azalea II is being deployed to Kuvexian space to purge remnant elements of the hypercapitalist Interstellar Kingdom, support the efforts of Yamatai-friendly political leaders, and to reestablish stability with the aim of installing a new government built on a more sustainable economic and political foundation. Players will primarily take the role of the Azalea II's power armor, mecha, and fighter pilots, where they will be tasked with defeating all manner of slimy alien capitalists, foul-mouthed bugs, wolverine warrior race guys, and yet more!

RPG Rating:

  • L3 (Heavy Profanity)
  • S2 (Limited Sexual Content)
  • V3 (Explicit Violence)

Rules and Pacing

  • Format: Hybrid Single and Joint Post
  • Pacing and Posting Expectations: Players are expected to post and/or participate in mission JPs at least once every two weeks. Failure to do so without advance warning may warrant removal from the plot.

Characters and Players

#Character PicPageCharacter OwnerCharacter Status
1Ori SataiDanaActive Player Character
2Kim Eun-KyungDemibearActive Player Character
3Matokai MasatoFrostJaegerActive Player Character
4kari_sunde.jpegKari SundeHyraltActive Player Character
5Hotaru SasakiImmortal CyanActive Player Character
6Rowena FayImmortal CyanActive Player Character
7Sadow MasamiImmortal CyanActive Player Character
8Nasrin NaceriLocked 0utActive Player Character
9Pierre RuikeLocked 0utActive Player Character
10Elizabeth "Spark" Hartbrook-PineMadi HarperActive Player Character
11Akane SiskoSobanActive Player Character
12Aoi SiskoSobanActive Player Character
13Hildr ShigefumiSensualCoderInactive Player Character
14Nishizaki NozomiImmortal CyanNPC Available for GM or FM use
15Ingrid WikkedsonImmortal CyanNPC In Use By GM or FM
16Kazetani YurinaImmortal CyanNPC In Use By GM or FM
17Lilina WintersingerImmortal CyanNPC In Use By GM or FM

Open Positions


Construction of the YSS Azalea II was completed at Aquarius Star Fortress. It was launched in YE 44.7 and immediately set off on its first mission into Kuvexian remnant space.

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