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YSS Byakuren

The YSS Byakuren is the placeholder name for a plot intended as the continuity of the YSS Miharu plot. This is subject to change.

RPG Rating1): L1, S2, V3


This plot is centered around adventures and experiences of a crew of Star Army soldiers that have been assigned to serve and watch over the Yamataian princess Ketsurui Kotori. The YSS Byakuren is the originally proposed setting for a plot, though this is presently subject to change. The plot was started by Fred in September 2012.


  • Single-post: The primary form of roleplaying in this plot, where roleplayer writes a post defining narrative for the characters under his control. This can either be in the main thread (the forefront of the story's progression) or previous thread that remains open (usually to allow people to roleplay their character downtime in past tense as long as it doesn't conflict with current happenings).
  • Joint-post: A single-post contributed to the plot that was written by multiple people, usually through a web-based collaborative real-time editor. Though it can be a great methodology for collaborative writing, it tends to be too slow for main thread progression.
  • Head cannon: An accord between Roleplayers and Game Master that certain events happened, even through they don't end up actually occuring in the material we do actively roleplay. Can be crucial to flesh out characters, events and relationships, given how active roleplay is largely insufficient to flesh out the entire happenings of an in-character year.
  • Omake Theater: The act of roleplaying characters in an out-of-character context, usually as a mean of fourth-wall breaking satire. Typically done in the plot's Out-of-character discussion thread.

Posting Expectations

  • Each player is expected to post once a week. Twice a week is desirable.
  • Everytime Fred makes a post advancing the plot for all participants, he typically sends a 'Forum Private Message' to all implicated participants.
  • If, 3 days later, there are replies missing, Fred will send out a reminder e-mail to the usergroup.
  • If, 6 days later, there are still posts missing, Fred will carry on with the plot by taking control of the character (note: this is a stopgap measure, not a promise that an 'NPCed' character will act in the best way possible). A Private Message update to the usergroup will be given.
  • If the absenteeism persists beyond that, the problem player characters will be moved out of the active narrative (sidelined/put on ice to further plot progression for the other active participants). Continued lack of participation will move Fred to remove the character from the plot at a point deemed appropriate (removal is preferably done in a benign fashion, though it can go so far as killing the character if she/he can be revived).

Suffice to say that to maintain an active pace, involved PCs are expected to be active as well; higher-ranked PCs are also touched by this since their more plot-pivotal position also demands consistent implication since they are depended upon by the other participants.


2.8 - Sifting through the ashes

The christening the Y.S.S. Himiko was interrupted by a group of rogue-samurai that made an attempt on the lives of Empress Himiko and Ketsurui Kotori. The Black Knights managed to stave off the attackers long enough for the Empress to make her escape, and then made a long and laborious retreat back to their newly rebuilt YSS Miharu in order to save a critically wounded Kotori. With the battle over, the Black Knights rest and ponder on the events to come.

YSS Byakuren Audit scores

  • January 2013: 67 (C)
  • April 2013: 98 (A)
  • September 2013: 97 (A)
  • January 2014: 88 (😎

YSS Byakuren available positions and joining requirements

As the plot requires players to be on top of their game with the intrigues involved, Fred heartily recommends that any appliquant already be SARP veterans.

No positions are open at this time, the plot's 'main cast' is full. Fred elaborates as to why and his plans on future participation can be read in this thread

Ketsurui Kotori

YSS Byakuren
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