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Black Knights

The Black Knights (Kuro no Kishi) is the continuity of the YSS Miharu and 44th Fireteam plots.

RPG Rating1): L1, S2, V3


Her days numbered, Princess Kotori seeks to engage an ancient menace that has lurked throughout history. A host of warriors - her Black Knights - help carry the burden of such an ambition, carving for her a path of blood leading to the evil behind all the puppet strings. This is their story.

This plot is centered around adventures and experiences of a crew of Star Army soldiers that have been assigned to serve and watch over the Yamataian princess Ketsurui Kotori. The plot was started by Fred in September 2012.


  • Single-post: The primary form of roleplaying in this plot, where roleplayer writes a post defining narrative for the characters under his control. This can either be in the main thread (the forefront of the story's progression) or previous thread that remains open (usually to allow people to roleplay their character downtime in past tense as long as it doesn't conflict with current happenings).
  • Joint-post: A single-post contributed to the plot that was written by multiple people, usually through a web-based collaborative real-time editor. Though it can be a great methodology for collaborative writing, it tends to be too slow for main thread progression.
  • Head cannon: An accord between Roleplayers and Game Master that certain events happened, even through they don't end up actually occuring in the material we do actively roleplay. Can be crucial to flesh out characters, events and relationships, given how active roleplay is largely insufficient to flesh out the entire happenings of an in-character year.
  • Omake Theater: The act of roleplaying characters in an out-of-character context, usually as a mean of fourth-wall breaking satire. Typically done in the plot's Out-of-character discussion thread.

Posting Expectations

Currently, most of the plot's roleplaying occurs in joint-post format. Players are notified up plot updates by the Game Master, and he will usually make announcements when content pertains to a particular roleplayer. Prompt are usually given every 3 days, and if progress has halted throughout the week, a solution is discussed in order to move forward.


Thread 3.2 (Untitled)

Past the YSS Himiko's christening incident, Ketsurui Kotori has gathered a crew of warriors to man her new cruiser, Miharu II. After doling out promotions and organize her newly assembled senior staff, Kotori is now moving to discuss the β€œwhat for”: going on the hunt for the enemies they've cultivated.

Black Knights joining requirements

As the plot requires players to be on top of their game with the intrigues involved, Fred heartily recommends that any appliquant already be SARP veterans.

No positions are open at this time, the plot's 'main cast' is full.

Ketsurui Kotori

YSS Miharu II
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