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YSS Fukuroi

This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

YSS Fukuroi (袋井), NL-JRC-1764, is a Courier 2B Star Army Freighter in the Star Army of Yamatai's Joint Resupply Command. The ship is named after a rural FCAR stop in Caitel Prefecture.

It is currently an Open RP based plot.

Plot Details

YSS Fukuroi
Age Requirement: 16+
Format: Single Post
Pacing: Once every five days at least
Started: TBD

Plot Overview

Fukuroi is intended as something of an experiment; can a plot focused on moving crates of stuff (not a technical term) to places (not intended to be astrographically specific) actually be interesting? Is there enough conflict to keep players engaged? I hope you're willing to find out because I'm willing to try. My inspiration is drawn from Adm. Dan Gallery's Cap'n Fatso series, the novel/play/movie Mr. Roberts, and The Caine Mutiny as well as existing SARP canon.

The crew will have more time in 'civilized' ports then a lot of combat vessels, but there's an ever present danger when operating alone in support of the fleet, especially over the lengthy distances to be expected in the Kuvexian War. There will be plenty of chance for inter-character interaction (and drama) as well as the possibility of more traditional combat. So, as hokey as it might sound, expect some comedy, some tragedy probably, and possibly high action. Don't expect recognition.

My hope is that if the plot is successful at all, we will be able to visit with/support various other Active Plots and take part in faction-wide events.

Fukuroi Appearance and History

Fukuroi is a standard 2B bloc Courier-class in standard Star Army starship blue-gray with Logistics orange engine pods. Its Star Army Hinomaru and IRN are starting to fade as the service interval stretches on.

When the first Courier 2Bs were launched in YE 32 the Star Army was deeply involved in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. Fukuroi was launched on 5/20/32 and immediately assigned to the logistics train of the Second Expeditionary Fleet. The life of a medium freighter isn't exactly rife with excitement. Without them, however, much of the fleet would have gone without provisions, ammunition, replacement MINDYs, or a thousand other things no one ever thinks of until they're gone.

In YE 33 Fukuroi was transferred to the Seventh Fleet where it provided support for various fighter squadrons on combat duty. As a forward logistics vessel, it traveled frequently, unescorted, through hostile or unprotected space. She continued to wander when in YE 34 she was sent to the Tenth Standard Fleet in support of the Star Army's campaign in the Yugumo Cluster. With the war winding down, the still new, but worn, freighter was sent in for refit and overhaul.

Along with the general realignments and draw down following the war's conclusion, Fukuroi's repairs were so far down the list it sat on the logistics pad in Central Uesureya for almost two years until the yard crews finally tore down her engines, repainted everything, and even managed to spread enough air freshener around that the smell of grease wasn't so prominent. This was promptly undone when it was assigned to Joint Resupply Command, peddling around Yamataian territory carrying supplies and ordnance to units in need.

With the onset of the Kuvexian War in YE 38, in company with the rescue operation n aid to the stranded vekimen, the Office of the Director of Logistics recalled a number of the 'tramp' Couriers to Uesureya for immediate service in support of the combat fleets.

Crew Roster

Current Crew

Rank Name Primary Position Secondary Position Color Player Orders Notes
Ittô Juni Myskia Engström 09 Starship Operator 04 Logistics Hotelkilo GM NPC/Ship's Master
Ittô Hei Kikuchi Shizuka 12 Cook 05G Ground Vehicle Mechanic Hotelkilo NPC
(No Insignia) Santô Hei Bergdis Miura 02 Clerk None Hotelkilo NPC


A total of eight crew cabins are arranged back to back along the deck two hallways, with two twin beds each. The Commanding Officer has a separate suite at the bow end of the hallway.

Characters who aren't on this list needn't wait for permission before obtaining an unoccupied room and placing themselves there. If there were no open rooms, they will have to be roommates with another character. Permission for this must be obtained in the OOC thread.

Cabin Occupants
1 Vacant
2 Vacant
3 Vacant
4 Kikuchi Shizuka
5 Bergdis Miura
6 Vacant
7 Vacant
8 Vacant
CO's Suite: Myskia Engström

Crew Wanted

Anyone interested in filling the empty positions below, or that has an idea for a different character, feel free to post your interest in the appropriate thread.

Ship's Inventory

Small Arms

Battery Magazines, Chargers, and Extra Ammo

  • 40 spare BR-28E magazines (2 for each pistol)
  • 20 spare BR-P50 battery magazines (2 for each pulse rifle)
  • 4 60 round belts of 35mm ammunition belts in drums (2 drums for each gun)
  • 100 Plasma-loaded Shotgun Cartridges

Body Armor

Cargo Moving Gear


  • Weapon maintenance supplies, cleaning kits, and spare parts
  • Portable Repair Kits
  • Spares
  • Standard medical supplies

Cargo Carried

  • Hold is presently empty! Let's change that!

Plot History

Yet to be written!

About The GM

Hotelkilo joined the site in May 2016 and has not done much since.

Previous Experience

I have GM'd tabletop Fallout, Twilight 2000, Pathfinder, and Only War games online on Roll20. I have also been Ship's Clerk for the YSS Eucharis for six months.


HotelKilo is in the Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) timezone and is available: I'm almost always on after 6 PM my time, every day of the week, with random other times.

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