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YSS Kaiyō II Crew

This page lists all characters and NPCs on board the YSS Kaiyō II, including officers and civilians. This page also lists the cabin assignments of all personnel aboard. The GM of this plot is Ametheliana.

Up to date: June 5, 2018


Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers

Enlisted Personnel



Name Position Player Picture
Rei Yojimbo Ametheliana
Chlorate AI Noodlewerfer 1)

Planned Changes in YE 40

These are the planned changes for YE 40:

  • Couches in every cabin

Cabin Assignments

There are three types of rooms on the YSS Kaiyō II that are available. There are two-bed VIP rooms, two-bed officer cabins, and four-bed enlisted cabins.

Ise Goramu has a cryopod in the cargo bay.

Room Occupants Notes
VIP Room 1 Rei, Aiko Samurai and Princess
VIP Room 2 William Civilian
VIP Room 3 Mochi, Arbs
Officer Cabin 1 Eden
Officer Cabin 2 Alastair
Officer Cabin 3 Nerai
Officer Cabin 4 Mitsuko
Cabin 1 Madoka, Leeta, Muyomi, Asuka NPCs
Cabin 2 Halsie, Felice, Lauren NPCs
Cabin 3 Walter, Kaori
Cabin 4 Gravity, Chlorate
Cabin 5 Care
Cabin 6 ???
Cabin 7 Abart'huse, Sacre
Cabin 8 Wyatt, Arete
Cabin 9 Kikios, Mark
Captain's Suite Taiyou Hoshi Captain
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