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YSS Kōkatsu

YSS Kōkatsu1) is a roleplaying plot created June 5, 2017 by GM raz.

Status: This plot is currently launching open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

The YSS Kōkatsu is a Chiaki-Class Escort Destroyer assigned to SAINT's operational intelligence division. She is commanded by Okano Yoshiko.

Rules and Pacing

This plot will take place via single posts. Try to respond to your fellow players as soon as possible, but don't stress about it. If you don't post for more than a week without informing the plot via the OOC thread or a Life Events forum post, you may be dropped from the plot.

Players may conduct joint posts with each other at their leisure. A quick note informing the GM would be appreciated, though!

RPG rating2): 2 Language, 1 Sexuality, 3 Violence


With its crew assembled, the YSS Kōkatsu launched from Jiyuu Fleet Depot on a mission into former Lorath Matriarchy space. Following that civilization's sudden disappearance from the sector, the ship is part of SAINT's second wave of intelligence sweeps into the region. The Kōkatsu's mission: Land on Tange IV, infiltrate former United Outer Colonies industrial installations that were abandoned during The Evacuation of the Tange System, and retrieve whatever R&D logs they can find.

Although nearly ten years have passed since the UOC's treason and breakaway from the Empire, Yamatai still expects a return on investment.

Completed Threads

Characters and Players

Cabin Assignments

The Kōkatsu's five standard crew cabins are located in the aftmost section of Deck One, arranged around the SAINT crest that emblazons its hull.

Room Occupants Notes
Cabin 1 Yoshiko Reserved for the captain
Cabin 2 Sakai, Uehashi
Cabin 3 Kyoka, Iki
Cabin 4 Hasewega, Maki
Cabin 5 2 SAINT operatives Vague NPCs unless filled by PCs

Open Positions

All standard ship-based positions on the YSS Kōkatsu are open. The ship's SAINT status means everyone aboard will likely be double-trained as an operative. Because of the Chiaki's jamming systems, an information warfare specialist might be a fun occupation to play. Currently, we have exclusively infantry-specialized Neko characters.

See characters wanted.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2017/06/05 19:58 by raz.

All of the character portraits are by madichams.

狡猾: cunning, sly
This character's actions will be performed in narration due to the player's exit from the plot.

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