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YSS Kōun Plot

YSS Kōun is a proposed Yamatai plot created February 12, 2021 by GM Spaceeye.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

The YSS Kōun is a recently commissioned Plumeria. It briefly winged with the YSS Kaiyō II but has since split off to do its own missions. Given the connections of the captain Alastair it was decided the ship would focus on diplomacy missions. Much would need to be mended as the Kuvexian war winds down. Most of the missions will be related to exploring and diplomacy. To compliment the Koun, a ship salvaged from a mission was added to the team. The YSS Kibo no Hoshi was a Super Eikan-class Heavy Cruiser which had been modified heavily. Combat will not be a main focus but player actions can cause combat to take place. Characters who would fit best are ones which are looking to make a difference within Yam. Plots may have players dealing with situations that are counter to the norm within Star Army. There is opportunity for more adult themes to take place as well. The old saying, make love not war fully applies.

The general plot structure will be broken into arcs. Decisions made in one mission could impact choices in a follow up mission.

Due to the nature of diplomacy being a dialog instead of an action by action like you have in combat, expect there to be many chances for JPs. These will be kept short as best as possible but allow for a clean back and forth which can then be output into a single post.

Rules and Pacing

The plot utilizes single posts on the forums within GM-run threads.

If players want to JP with one another, please do so.

The following pacing is normal operating procedures:

  • Format: Play-by-Post/ Joint Posts
  • Pacing and posting expectations: Biweekly




Characters and Players

#Character PicPageOccupationCharacter OwnerCharacter Status
1Annelise StrixdottirSoldierCute FuzzActive Player Character
2Haruka ShiroyamaEtherealActive Player Character
3c50076c418afe70a.jpegSaga LindqvistNSMC CYBINT and OSINT Specialist/Computer GoblinLocked 0utActive Player Character
41584742250357_image0.jpegAliset KōunPilot, helmsman, medical test subjectMadi HarperActive Player Character
5Sacre Ven SanssiniaStar Army MedicSobanActive Player Character
6Alastair BelmontCaptainSpaceeyeActive Player Character
7Nariaki ItamiStar Army Ranger (Vanguard)WafflesActive Player Character
8takeda_sayako.jpegTakeda SayakoStar Army Science OfficerYuukiActive Player Character
9Vera AnnesdottirUnit Supply SpecialistCute FuzzNPC Available for GM or FM use
10Kamiko AkinoFirst OfficerSpaceeyeNPC In Use By GM or FM
11Seki Hana MinaScience OfficerSpaceeyeNPC In Use By GM or FM

Open Positions

  • 1 Officers
  • 3-4 Enlisted
  • 2-3 Diplomats/Representative


Events that happened in your plot go here.

OOC ManagerSpaceeye
OOC ThreadOOC Thread
Last Checked2023/03/25
Characters Wanted * 1 Officers
* 3-4 Enlisted
* 2-3 Diplomats/Representative

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